Fox News Can’t Contain Bernie Sanders

Published on April 17, 2019

There was a Sanders expressing views on Fox News and, for once, it wasn’t the Sarah Huckabee one.

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  • Azure22 12 months ago

    Uhhhhem Steven you are worth 45 million.

  • Wael El-Ahmady 12 months ago

    Fox News got Berned!

  • MrTingles 12 months ago

    i’m guessing if Hannity were to get a tattoo on his forehead, it would be something a little more… Charles Manson-y.

  • Gerda Buyst 12 months ago

    Socialisme has nothing to do with being a millionaire it has everything to do with taking care of the less fortunates of sociëty to. Most of the millionaires with a normal sence of empathy do want the people to have a basic income and medicare for all
    Look at Zweden Norway, the netherlands, France, belgium, canada, in fact most of the democratic countrys. This are all nations with a lot of millionaires and billionaires but also a very good social system so that everyone can live a decent life

  • Kaffekaffe Kaffe 12 months ago

    Bernie is the man ????❤️

  • directfunebru 12 months ago

    Bernie 2020! He’s the best!

  • Alex Smith 12 months ago

    Stephen stop pushing establishment talking points.

  • Joe Caner 12 months ago

    Contempt of Congress? No wonder there is so much contempt for Congress…

  • Veronicca Francisco 12 months ago

    Yes we know stephen you don’t like bernie. But at least be fair. If you call bernie a member of the 1% because his a millionaire you should include yourself to the 1%. You’re a millionaire too.

  • Jarid Gaming 12 months ago

    Arrest Trump for not followi g a court order, he is not above the law. He has to hand over his taxes.

  • ildix 12 months ago

    Fox News, ya Bernt!

  • Nick 12 months ago

    A man who gets rich off capitalism, but pushes for socialism. This is good stuff

  • Kevin Unknown 12 months ago

    Bernie Sanders cares about policy and people, not profit.

  • Mario N. 12 months ago

    Stephen, why are you busting Bernie’s balls? He’s the chosen one. He will bring peace to the galaxy.

  • Koochakoo rocknroll 12 months ago

    Why doesn’t Disney do something to stop Fox lies? NOT the Disney way….

  • Joy Havana 12 months ago

    Is this dude a shill for Hillary or what?

  • preparingforparadise 12 months ago

    How much charity laughter and applause does a talk show host need?

  • Dwaine Murphy 12 months ago

    Trump 2020

  • G. Rekv 12 months ago

    Why is it so hard for Colbert and everyone at the Late Show to take Bernie serious for even 10 seconds? What political agenda do they have? Who actually owns the show and its channel?

  • Temps 12 months ago

    I’m so over the stupidity of America. Go on, bag out Bernie. Have fun America because the media is doing the exact same thing that got trump elected in the first place. I’m really fed up and I’m Australian!


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