Fox News Baffled By Low Early Voting in Georgia is Hilarious | The Daily Show



  • ICantThinkOfAName 1 year ago

    We could make an Avengers Endgame length movie with their hypocrisy

  • MrShanghai34 1 year ago

    Faux news and entertainment channel at its best.

  • Fortitudine Vincimus 1 year ago

    This is called reaping what you sow, Fox. Quit your incessant whining.

  • Dark Pesco 1 year ago

    “… unwilling, for WHATEVER reason…”. Like real people don’t know why the deluded don’t trust early voting? As if REAL people don’t know why a much larger number of maskless, unvaxxed Republican voters died from COVID? Trump led and is leading the Republican Party to literal suicide! No American Partisan refused General George Washington’s requirement of the small pox vaccine…they were real Patriots…and lived to fight!

  • darrinmeyercomedy 1 year ago

    It cracks me up how little these Fox News types think of their own viewers’ intelligence. They can say anything with a straight face knowing that their viewers won’t realize they are directly contradicting something else they said in the past, even if it was just one single day before.

  • AL- BOT 1 year ago

    Republicans are pathetic.

  • Jim Melton Bradley 1 year ago

    Have they any idea just how hypocritical they are?

  • Azraell P 1 year ago

    Fox News is a joke and will always be a joke. They have even made the statement in court that they are entertainment and not news. As well as they have a right to lie to people and if those people can’t figure out when they are lying its on them not on Fox News.
    They are among the bottom of the barrel PERIOD. IMO

  • Entropie 1 year ago

    Two faced conservatives. Their inconsistencies are transparent.

  • Nick Orr 1 year ago


  • MB57 1 year ago

    When nobody holds a person accountable for their speech, why would they hold themselves accountable? A conscience? Fox doesn’t employ people with those & when they do, those people leave.

  • Grilled Spaghetti 1 year ago

    Republican have more standards than democrats ya libtards. Twice as many. Each standard is doubled.



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