Fox News Already Skeptical of FDA Approved Vaccine

Published on August 24, 2021

Fox News reported on the FDA’s approval of the Pfizer vaccine before immediately voicing skepticism of the process, which leads a quack doctor to agree.

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Clip air date 08/24/2021

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  • CDNUSER 2 years ago

    I heard Darwin ran out of awards this year. The last winner shoved a cattle suppository up his butt.

  • queenannsrevenge100 2 years ago

    Yes, because having several hundred million people having taken the vaccine with no serious side effects is not enough proof – we must be vigilant!
    Why, every single year, more people die of dihydrogen monoxide exposure than the vaccine – someone needs to warn the public!

  • Dottie E 2 years ago

    I wish I had waited until I could get a Pfizer vaccine.

  • Kyle Maxwell 2 years ago

    When even Jon Stewart thinks you’re a partisan shill for the far-Left, it’s time to re-examine your life, Stephen.

  • Adam T 2 years ago

    Funny how all these anti vaxxers didnt approve of the vaccine since it was FDA approved, and now that it is? They moved the goal post and still wont take it. These idiots are so predictable

  • o 2 years ago

    Faux News sure knows how to push buttons.

  • GuyB 2 years ago

    Anti-vaxers: No way would I get it, its not even fully FDA approved
    FDA Fully approves vaccine.
    Anti-vaxers: No way would I get it, FDA approved it too quickly

    At what point do we move on from anti-vaxers and let the virus run the course with them? It’s their choice, they have to live with it (or die with it). Limit hospital beds for CV patients who made a choice not to get it, tell them to go home ‘we are full’. Hold the beds for breakthrough cases and those who could not get it for a legit reason.
    Sorry but I am over Anti-vaxers. There is no way to ‘win’ with them.

  • Kinky 2 years ago

    I’m just wondering why they’re spinning EDTAs on that analyzer…???!!

  • Anne Biggins 2 years ago

    Fox likes to create chaos! Its money making.Lol

  • pax und peace 2 years ago

    Daily reminder more then 630,000 americans dead because of they died of covid.

  • Crazy Wayne 2 years ago

    That video was pretty pathetic guys and only 20 seconds of it the rest is commercials and bs worse than watching Network TV

  • Unicorn Vic 2 years ago

    All at Fox News are fully vaccinated.

  • Yana Y. 2 years ago

    Weird how leftists control all the major mainstream media outlets with the exception of FOX and they STILL gripe and complain about it. They claim that they want a society of equality, but that’s not true. They want it ALL. It must be a drag being a bottomless pit of grievance and ingratitude, who never has enough and is impossible to satisfy.

  • Alutious 2 years ago

    Why wouldn’t u just go with a squirrel. Is there something I m missing with the bobcat thing?


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