Fox And Friends Suddenly Cares About What The President Says About Reporters

Published on January 25, 2022

You can always count on Fox and Friends to cover the most relevant stories. #Colbert #Comedy #ColdOpens

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  • Zesty 8 months ago

    _‘‘What do you call this thing — a blower?”_
    _‘‘Yeah, this is a leaf blower.”_

    Incisive analysis from Fox.

  • frozen Rose 8 months ago

    Fox “News” is the enemy of the people.. well.. the enemy of the poor people.. and best pal to anyone with big money

  • Nemo 8 months ago

    I thought it was FABULOUS! At first, I thought I’d projected my own thoughts. hahahaha

  • Michael Smith 8 months ago

    He told the truth

  • General Public 8 months ago

    Joe, keepin’ it real.

  • Mr. Relámpago Negro 8 months ago

    F & Frenzies are the epitome of hypocrisy. Trump showed little respect for the WH Press corp and FF said nothing. I think Biden said what Jen told him to say because she has to deal with the goober faced fool Doocy often.

  • Freya 8 months ago

    Don’t forget that tRump mocked a disabled reporter and republiKKKans cheered.

  • Fabian Farbeyond 8 months ago

    Maga 😂 Tears

  • Andvari 8 months ago

    He’s been asking incredibly dumb questions like that every press meeting for a year.

  • clumsiii 8 months ago

    they also suddenly care about mobilizing the military. check out AM radio — i dare you. it’s crazy over there (and redundant as hell — they can complain on 1 topic for 25 minutes with 3 commercial breaks — it’s a Way of Being TM — have you noticed your retirement fund declining? Invest in Gold! PS my pillow is a real advert on those stations — Check it out!

  • sly7856 8 months ago

    Even when he’s right, they pick on him…….

  • Mark Gigiel 8 months ago

    Just keep lying and dividing to keep the masses busy while the rich steal everything.

  • delta5297 8 months ago

    Those lying bastards at Fox News deserve to be called far worse.

  • Trevor Cauwels 8 months ago

    You’re praising President Biden for this but if it was President Trump who said this, you all would be butt hurt and seeking his impeachment or something. Good to know you’re all a bunch of hypocrites!

  • Sebee Duran-Lopez 8 months ago

    Mmm interesting how the other things said aren’t using any words like Bitch. But okay I already knew TLS would do something like this, if Trump said that, everyone would be pissed including TLS

  • Sahand Kamal 8 months ago

    Well The real Point is No reporters should be treated with disrespect.. OR they should have the power to start with Mr. Stupid Head instead of Mr. President ..

  • Shrp Drt 8 months ago

    Okay that was funny

  • Frankie e 8 months ago

    Watch the actual fox sort of news footage and how Doocy s coworkers rag on him more. So nice to know how *respected* pet is,there at fox.

  • Bonghune Zhou 8 months ago

    Faux news channel was not so dainty and prim with what the US president had to say about a WH beat reporter when _their_ (puppet) president was in the White House not too long ago ~


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