Former Press Secretary Josh Earnest Talks Sean Spicer And Fake News

Published on March 1, 2017

Sean Spicer’s predecessor, former Press Secretary Josh Earnest, evaluates the current White House’s treatment of the press corps.

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  • F Weld 12 months ago

    First! Without watching it I know it’s great. ? before the haters come I can tell you it’s awesome

  • Bella Cobbs 12 months ago

    Hey Stephen,
    Thank you for giving the people bad news in a way that makes them laugh. I know you are a huge Trump supporter (yeah, right), so I would like to make you aware of something that has been going on in my town (Oxnard, CA). Over the past couple of weeks, entire families have been being taken out of their homes in the middle of the night by ICE. My mom is a 4th grade teacher, and she has been having less and less children come to school because they are afraid that they (or their parents) are going to get “taken away” due to the fact that they are undocumented. At this point, I believe it is important to note that Oxnard is a poor, mostly Hispanic community full of many undocumented immigrants and migrant farm workers. Although many are here illegally, this does not mean they are not doing their part in society. Many people work in the fields, own stores, and pay rent, just like the rest of us. If you could make the rest of the world aware of what is going on over here, as no one else will, I would be eternally grateful.
    Someone Who Cares

  • Archer Sterling 12 months ago

    Josh had the same job as Mellissa McCarthy.

  • tryptnaut 12 months ago

    Wow first come first served! also love you Steven!

  • Shiro Nthanda 12 months ago


  • michaela blom 12 months ago

    Wow what an Earnest fellow

  • Fergus Baham 12 months ago

    Now that’s a press secretary!

  • Klash 12 months ago

    #FuckTrump and his fascist yes men like spicer.

  • JustMish 2U 12 months ago

    That just made me hate Spicer even more.

  • George H 12 months ago

    lets praise Trump for not lying and bashing people as much??? what happened to us???

  • Rara Zap 12 months ago

    I am taking off Josh Earnest’s clothes one by one in my mind! He’s hot! OMG! Do I sound like a pervert?! lol

  • EB, the Composer & GFA 12 months ago

    *sigh* the good ol Obama administration… SAD

  • Eduardo Andrade Mendonça 12 months ago

    5:44 – 6:00 Holy Sh…

  • Shelby S 12 months ago

    This man looks approachable.

  • Abby Wilhelm 12 months ago

    I miss Josh Earnest. Such an upstanding press secretary and a personal role model of mine.

  • mccarraa 12 months ago

    Josh did a great job since I didn’t ever know who he is. I live in Republic of Ireland.

  • YTSliv 12 months ago

    “I love press secretary who is not dissed by SNL.”

  • blarblablarblar 12 months ago

    I suppose the fact that his name is Earnest made him more likable

  • Nicole L 12 months ago

    I miss Josh 🙁


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