Footage From Northern Ireland’s First Same-Sex Wedding – CONAN on TBS

Published on February 14, 2020

The first legal same-sex union in Northern Ireland was actually a pretty traditional Irish wedding.

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  • Martin Tierney 7 months ago

    First line totally incorrect. The gays in Ireland have been getting married since 17 November 2015…at least the title is correct…

  • Hazel Moloney 7 months ago

    Oh God. This was funny but the errors have been pointed out by other commenters so I’ll shut up. Still, Conan, really?

  • A Lost One 7 months ago

    For all of you trying to point out all the inaccuracies…oh, alright. But it’s a skit, not a history lesson.

  • cat king 7 months ago


  • Black Plated 7 months ago

    Oh… I see you got an irish temper. Let me sing you a song about the irish…

  • Nilguiri 7 months ago

    Just like every Irish wedding ever!

    Yeah, that was the joke.

  • Tee Carr 7 months ago

    The couple that married were actually women… but, you just gotta love Conan’s sketches!

  • Tomas F 7 months ago

    Wrong Northern Ireland

  • Oh Aww Geez 7 months ago

    I wish wedding were that fun.

  • Apple Pie 7 months ago

    Why do Americans think they are Irish ☘️ and not American?

  • 4c1dr3fl3x 7 months ago

    Hey, at least it wasn’t Scottish. No sheep were harmed in the filming of this segment

  • JD 7 months ago

    *Let’s make their divorce illegal….then we will see how much does the letter community really want it!!!!!! XD*

  • Roger Dodger 7 months ago

    Can’t tell if the Scottish dress is because the writers of Conan don’t know the difference between NI & Scotland, or if they knew _exactly_ what they were doing

  • Barabas Gold 7 months ago

    I love that with all the wokeness of Hollywood/american mainstream tv the irish are still the butt of the joke. The two men that celebrated yesterday should sue you for this shameful excuse for comedy. Campaigning for 20 years just to see their endeavor and moment of history mocked and insulted. I mean every single trope/sterotype is dragged out then the scottish accent & quilts just to add to the ignorance.

  • Conor Donovan 7 months ago

    1. It’s Northern Ireland, not Ireland
    2. The first marriage was between two women, not two men

  • Dr Shrimp Puerto Rico 7 months ago

    This comment section is baffling because it’s almost like no one realized this was a sketch and meant to be funny

  • Villyko 7 months ago

    That seemed like a Scottish wedding to me.

  • Shadow Heart 7 months ago

    True story.

  • Alejandro - Alex Egusquiza 7 months ago

    Cheering now ” gnashing of teeth.” later


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