Flynn, Powell Pushed The Military To Seize Control After T**** Lost The Election

Published on November 16, 2021

Among the many disturbing post-election details in Jonathan Karl’s new book are the actions taken on the former president’s behalf by pardoned criminal Michael Flynn and conspiracy lawyer Sidney Powell who pressed Pentagon officials to stage a coup and overturn the election results. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue


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  • Cori Wood 2 years ago

    This is beyond insanity. Voting to “stop recognizing a member of congress as Republican”?! Because she DOESN’T AGREE with you?! Wtf.

  • Daniel Rose 2 years ago

    7:59 At least Canada is a country. America isn’t even a united state.

  • J Bb 2 years ago

    trump 2024!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Francis Henry 2 years ago

    Don’t knock Canada for being better.

  • Kenny James 2 years ago

    Is this funny or what. I almost lost my shit laughing at him. HIs jokes are not funny though.

  • Melissa Thompson 2 years ago

    Cookie Monster *IS* the Reverend Jim of Sesame Street….

  • Ed Cliffe 2 years ago

    I love Stephen’s Bernie impersonation.

  • Travis Webb 2 years ago

    Bernie Sanders shows up to my door for any reason he’s getting a firm handshake and invited in. Feel the bern!!!!!!

  • M SC 2 years ago

    How would that have been better. A military coup?

  • Arcana Octonus 2 years ago

    What does a South Korean puppet have to do with china killing the doctors who tried to warn us of covid while the ccp locked down yet still allowed flights out while saying it wasn’t communicable then quietly buying the lion’s share of masks from the U.S. and others and in return selling us counterfeit p.p.e.? Nothing is what.

  • help my dad 2 years ago

    Anyone else notice his ear falling off or bending in?mask or cgi malfunction

  • Howland Owlle 2 years ago

    . Just for the record… four of those Supreme Court members are * Mrs. * Claus.

  • donald bulley 2 years ago

    if you got the jab you do not have much to worry about.wrong! your jab messed me up with pain & can barely walk.going on 3 months no relief what so ever.i had to buy a knee brace,back brace & a cane chair.i was completely fine before the shots.

  • andrew garcia 2 years ago

    I think fauci is turtle enough for the turtle club!

  • Lovuschka 2 years ago

    Where are tits? The title suggested tits in the election?

  • Sheila Cabrera 2 years ago

    This guy takes propaganda to a whole new level.


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