Florence Pugh Was Tripped by a Sheep While Filming The Wonder

Published on November 10, 2022

Florence Pugh talks about shooting the film The Wonder on top of a mountain, her embarrassing run-in with a sheep in front of fans and how The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills helped her through filming.

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  • 🔘ABDULLAH ALshahrE 3 months ago

    ‏The Republicans are planning to make America like Egypt, and they are now spreading widely. If a republican president comes to power, all their next plans will be implemented first, the closure of all free press, the arrest of all journalists, and the employment of cinema in their interest. They follow the approach of Sisi in Egypt. Everything is planned and supported by the UAE and the Saudis. America will face a difficult dictatorship. There will never be freedom. I hope every American citizen knows the danger of what is coming

  • Barry Lyndon 3 months ago

    I just like to think of rolecall in school…

    Teacher: Pugh? Pugh? Pugh? Anyone? Is there a Ms. Pugh? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Poots? Poots? Is it Imogen, um, Poots? Anyone? Fuchs? Fuchs? Focker? What kind of class is this? Anyone?

  • allan waite 3 months ago

    Lovely lady… but the nose ring really? just been waiting for the farmer to come in, clip the rope onto the ring and lead her off………. 🙄

  • macrocardiacursus 3 months ago

    She is so talented. Her acting in Lady Macbeth was a revelation and she just keeps doing an excellent job.

  • Kennie Junior 1998 3 months ago

    I love you Florence😍❤❤❤ can’t wait to see your movie the Wonder and Puss in Boots and three other movies you’re going to be in 2023

  • Rufaro Asuquo 3 months ago

    Can’t wait for the wonder

  • boffo63 3 months ago

    Real Housewives? Seriously?

  • alexia 3 months ago

    excited for the wonder

  • Gerb McNuggets 3 months ago

    It’s nice to see her flourishing after Olivia Wilde tried to throw her under the bus for firing Shia LaBeouf because hiring her much younger boyfriend was *supposed* to help box office receipts.

    Good for you Flo.

  • Jackson 3 months ago

    Loved Florence and Hailee together in Hawkeye.

  • emrmch 3 months ago

    Cowpat 😂 you can definitely tell it was filmed in Ireland

  • Vivi mds 3 months ago

    She’s so charming, talent and beautiful woman

  • Tony Anthony 3 months ago

    Nose rings drop a woman’s attractiveness by a couple points. Imo, I’m sure others as well. Bull rings especially, side ones not so bad

  • Ganna Lavrova 3 months ago

    I am a huge fan of hers


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