F**king Unbelievable: The GOP Shoves Health Care Through the House: The Daily Show

Published on May 5, 2017

Despite opposition from almost every major health organization, the GOP pushes an Affordable Care Act replacement bill through the House of Representatives.

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  • Aroon 5 1 year ago

    Capitalism has always been a dictatorship of the rich

  • Big Amp 1 year ago

    damn shame how they want to replace everything that Obama did

  • m thomas 1 year ago

    2018, we can repeal and replace the GOP.

  • Calyx 1 year ago

    LOL America. So democratic. People’s votes didn’t matter for the presidency and bills get pushed through without anyone supporting it. hahaha.

  • jjmaze 1 year ago

    Vote these assholes out in 2018. They are who suck.

  • Piecemaker1975 1 year ago

    From a German perspective: Everyone gets about 8% deducted from their salary (there is an upper bound to this and it’s independent from your health) and for this you get free, unconditional, unlimited health care. Apparently this sounds like socialism to the American ear. Have fun with your health care system.

  • Mario Krastanov 1 year ago

    Congratulations, America! Until you manage to get AT LEAST healthcare right, you can never claim your country is #1 again. Sincerely, a European (where healthcare has been figured out for years)

  • john g 1 year ago

    Republicans: We know what President Obama did FOR Americans…and we see what you Republicans are doing TO Americans….You will see US in 2018, 2020, 2022, 2024. Sleep well.

  • Night Devil 1 year ago

    I’m not even american and even i feel mad. Because i have compassion for human life.

  • Nour Tellow 1 year ago

    The party of pro-life showing their true colors once again.

  • Sanjay Mohan 1 year ago

    Obama: “You get to keep your doctor.”
    Trump voters: “Blaaargh Burn the lying kenyan mooslim commie!”
    Trump: Lies through his teeth about every issue for the past 2 years and doesnt even know what his Trumpcare covers.
    Trump voters: “Yeah! This guy tells it like it is!!!”

    Newsflash trumpettes. Librul tears that you find so delicious arent gonna help you when you and every female in your family are dying from lack of coverage due to pre existing conditions.

  • What-If Machine 1 year ago

    In honor of Star Wars Day, the GOP has officially become the new Galactic Empire.

  • Marc F. Nielssen 1 year ago

    Many Trump voters are so delusional that when they cannot afford health care anymore, they will blame Obama for it on their death bed.

  • FKA Birdman 1 year ago

    Now Mexico is building a wall to keep Americans from crossing the border and using their universal healthcare system

  • Exxxb B 1 year ago

    I want to leave a funny comment, but I can’t… I am so emotional over this stuff and it hasn’t passed all the way yet, but if it does I am screwed.

    I have a rare disease ( like way more rare than one in a million .) I did not choose to be born with it and I would get rid of it if there was a way, but there is not. I have gone above and beyond in all aspects of my life to overcome, and the Affordable Care Act allowed me to get treatment.

    Without treatment, I would not be one year away from finishing college and working in healthcare. Without treatment I cannot work, cannot go to school.

    In other words, the ACA allowed me to have a fighting chance at being a productive member of society.

    Sick people do not want to be sick. Sure, some life choices make you get sick, but tons of people have no choice, no fight. They are “high risk” by virtue of exiting. I am one of those people.

  • TheGerudan 1 year ago

    Makes you wonder how many people literally killed themselves by voting for Trump…

  • Lynnie thePoo 1 year ago

    We are all fucked. Thank you for electing this orange ape as president. I rather have my dog as president than this jackoff, he’s definitely smarter.

  • miss42310 1 year ago

    i don’t know why i am pissed…i am not even from America

  • Brad McEwen 1 year ago

    There has got to be a time when even the most hardened supporter has to say wtf….

  • S Li 1 year ago

    These Red States uneducated Deplorable Republican Bumpkin will still vote for Donald Trump. They will just blame their high Healthcare cost on; the Democrats, the mainstream media, President Obama, Satan, Hillary Clinton, MSNBC, Bill Clinton, Bigfoot, the Jews, President Obama again, the Dinosaurs…?


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