F**k Mars | ATTN: and Real Time (HBO)

Published on May 25, 2017

If we are going to take the challenge to overhaul a planet, let’s do this one. Presented by ATTN: and HBO.

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  • Fuck Trump 12 months ago

    How else will we survive if trump isn’t impeached?

  • Edward Moss 12 months ago

    i disagree. do not fuck mars. still make earth better. but do not fuck mars.

  • Callan Hutchison 12 months ago


  • Classic Flix 12 months ago

    Bogus. Space travel, exploration and research helps us better understand our own world. Without space travel technology, we wouldn’t have MRI machines. We can fix our planet and explore others. Get on the side of science, Bill. Love ya!

  • Ando B 12 months ago

    why not do both?

  • BimBamBoo 12 months ago

    Nah fuck you actually, Bill. Getting to Mars can lead to amazing things, and we already know how to heat up a planet, so over time it can become a great place.

  • KingVodka 277 12 months ago

    Bill went full retard

  • God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon 12 months ago

    Can we deport Trump to Mars? The guy acts more like an alien than any Mexican I know.

  • Brace110 12 months ago

    Of course we should go to Mars, it is just not a back up planet. It’s trying to grow as a species. Nothing bring a species together like a global effort to move. This will help Earth in the long run

  • Horny Fruit Flies 12 months ago

    I agree with the intent of the message, but not the conclusion. Yeah, Earth is the PRIORITY, but this isn’t a take it or leave it decision. We can both strive to better Earth and colonize Mars. Earth first, Mars second. If someone were to put a gun to my head and make me chose, Earth all the way, but that’s not how it is.

    And FUCK Trump, just to be clear. #MEGA also! (catchy)

  • Adam Smith 12 months ago

    This is an arrogant argument because it doesn’t take economics into consideration. For every $1 that was spent on the Apollo missions, $14 came back into the economy. Why? Because for a moment in time, everyone around the world stood in awe at the sight of mankind reaching for the heavens, escaping the bounds of Earth and touching the gates of the universe. Maybe we do need this…maybe the research and development on how to terraform a planet will be accelerated much faster than they are now, and guess where we get to use that technology first? Planet Earth, where we can master the ability to transform our atmosphere and then make the giant leap forward into interplanetary habitation.

  • Grouch 12 months ago

    Here’s a wacky idea. Why not… both?

  • grvonny 12 months ago

    more like fuck Bill Maher(s)

  • TeddyxxMexx 12 months ago

    hopefully bill can get his shit together.

  • AcsHWx 12 months ago

    He cut 66 programs to do this.

  • Matt Landrie 12 months ago

    Jesus, Bill has climbed so far up his own ass he’s turned into a black hole.

  • FthePolice666 12 months ago

    This is why you never go full retard.

  • Jeroen Du Moulin 12 months ago

    I would say earth definitely needs attention, but Mars is the future for humanity as a step in development. So we need both.

  • Sir Isaac Mormont 12 months ago

    Man, I lose more respect for Maher everyday seemingly

  • 2thePtBassTuT 12 months ago

    is that hat available?


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