Fires Ravage the Amazon | The Daily Show

Published on September 5, 2019

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro refuses global aid in the wake of rampant fires ravaging the Amazon.



  • Nick&Kiki Really 1 year ago

    Do we realize this is the reality of our Apocalypse … I feel we are blindly living … Going along 10 years where will humanity be

  • Gladimir Savinon 1 year ago

    Again…. this is a poor nation with poor people you arrogant fucks all benefit from the Amazon forest, while Brazil goes hungry. Also regrow the forest you destroyed in North America. Plant Bamboo in America, use fucking diplomacy to solve your issues with foreign leaders. That dude is just trying to look out for its people, you ignorant fucks need to stop being so judgmental.

  • Alexander Zheng 1 year ago

    I hate this fucking guy more than trump

  • Craig Gibson 1 year ago

    So much misinformation. Stupid people just lap this hand-wringing up.

  • Queen of Pentacles 1 year ago

    The Amazon, Africa and part of Indonesia just happen to be on fire at the same time……what a wild coincidence…… or is it????

  • Stella H 1 year ago

    25% of prescription medications come from The Amazon rainforest.

  • Aaron Jones 1 year ago

    Are we really that shocked that Brazile gives no shits about the environment?
    It was pretty clear all the way back when the Olympics were happening.

  • Sarika S 1 year ago

    Trump are leading in many country…In brazil and few more…

  • Why you wanna know my name!? 1 year ago

    The Amazon fires are sad…. but Brazil is a sovereign nation, all of the western nations have already destroyed all their forests (yes, Europe, I am looking at you), and now you want to tell another country not to destroy theirs!? Hypocritical! Also…. it is naive to think the Europeans don’t have any interest in the Amazon apart from not wanting it to burn…. they have been exploiting Amazon for its resources for centuries

  • DarkSchneider 1 year ago

    Toadstool: “Kevin, put on the Infinity Gauntlet and change the hurricane path chart w/ a snap. My hands are too big to fit.” ?

    McAleenan: “Sir, the Infinity Stones are fictional gems from Marvel comics. They don’t exist or work in the real world.” ?

    Toadstool: “FAKE NEWS!! Then how come I saw Ruffalo bring everyone back w/ a blip? (Grabs a Sharpie) Fine … I’ll do it myself … Might as well cross out Eric from all photos while I’m at it.” ?

    McAleenan: “OMG … This is some Category 5 BS …” ?

  • Ryvucz 1 year ago

    Brasil: “We don’t need no water let the mother fucker burn, burn mother fucker, burn”.

  • Yira Patricia Aristizabal Peña 1 year ago

    The money financing the fires were traced to the United States.
    But first world countries wanted the gold underneath the jungle and your companies want to grow soy and cattle there, far away from your laws.
    Bolsonaro is an obedient pet, not the master mind of this desastre, he is confuse because your government gave him the order to burn the Amazon

  • Dishonest Track6 1 year ago

    New fire started in Northern California recently. Hopefully it doesn’t end up like the Carr Fire or Camp Fire. I live next to where the Carr Fire was and moved and now I live near the new fire I just can’t win.

  • bodybalancer 1 year ago

    man Trevor is fuckin’ brilliant lol, no one can lighten the blows of the news like him 😛

  • Diego Magalhães 1 year ago

    Please do not take brazilians as this miserable guy. Bolsonaro does not represent the brazilian people.

  • Victor Ramos 1 year ago

    Wonder why his sharpie only stops on Colombia and Venezuela lol

  • Goddess Isis 1 year ago

    ?Sounds like Hell on Earth?

  • Simmonds 1 year ago

    if I was brazil, I would just charge countries for breathing our fresh air.

  • Penny O 1 year ago

    Amazon fries. What a concept!

  • Moria Mcclain 1 year ago

    So hilarious Bolsonaro is against “colonial mentality” especially considering the nature of colorism and dark skin erasure in Brazil. Colonial mentality, sir? You mean the same colonial mentality that allowed you to find success and remain in power while the original Brazilians live in poverty and were pushed out of their homes to make room for the Olympic stadium? The same colonial mentality that you benefit from? Fuck off.


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