Fighter jet makes the case for Afghanistan forever war

Published on August 25, 2021

When Biden says the Afghanistan troop withdrawal is moving forward, a fighter jet flies in to beg him to let the war go on forever.

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Clip air date 08/25/2021

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  • bijan778 2 years ago


  • MPCLive56 2 years ago

    LEYKIS 101 !!

  • Andrew Jonkers 2 years ago

    So his point is not “leave nobody behind” but rather “look how many we got out”?

  • Monkeyking 2 years ago

    could Biden have done better? sure but dont let hind sight cloud your opinion on this. saying this like “oh everyone knew so and so would have happened” is just being disingenuous

  • Harrison Gibson 2 years ago

    This stuff desperately needs to be put on network TV during the regular show. These Tooning Out The News bits are the kind of REAL harder hitting content that America needs. So many gems here:

    “Half the jets are women”

    That’s great satire of the insane CIA diversity videos they put out to try and plaster over their abysmal history of sowing violence and destruction in places like Afghanistan and Latin America.

    “Ahh forget it I’ll just go become a CNN contributor”

    Great takedown of all of these “news” outlets that use LITERAL former CIA agents and former military officials that now LITERALLY work for the defense industry to talk about “how bad it is that we’re withdrawing”.

    PLEASE put these on TV.

  • Y S 2 years ago

    Team Colbert didn’t surprise us. If Trump was president during this major humanitarian crisis, with people falling off planes, thousands of Afghan allies waiting outside airport, no security, no conditions that respect human dignity, we would see a very different animation here. They basically support the administration in every mistake, and good things too which is fine.
    Nobody says let’s make war forever, make a proper exit, proper meaning no rushing, enough time to evacuate people. Problem is our allies are being hunted by Taliban and won’t be let out of the country although they worked with US, they risked everything and they have proper papers but we are told, it’s what it is. End of story.
    Fox would also come into defence of Trump if this happened under his leadership, probably say these afghans are responsible, well you guys are the same thing, no integrity, no god damn spline.

  • Hadi hadi 2 years ago

    After all this year’s, spend a lot of tax money for this, And still no end of it.
    I started to believe that this is just a scheme of wars contractors and weaponry so wars can keep continues

  • Stephen Kong 2 years ago

    US government knew about the Afghanistan government was corrupted and they didn’t do anything about it in the past 20 years.

  • Bthsr71 2 years ago

    But out, you flying pile of malfunctions! You’re not even applicable to the way we fought that war!

  • Mind of the North Star 2 years ago

    As a Bernard brethren, I am pleasantly surprised that I’ve had to vigorously defend Biden on a foreign policy issue.

  • ARIXANDRE 2 years ago

    It’s sadly funny because it’s true.

  • Bob Townsend 2 years ago

    Thanks to everyone at The Late Show for taking another week or two off with no heads up for us at all again.

  • The Mighty Wooosh 2 years ago

    between this channel and Russell Brand’s channel…private citizens are getting the message that it was all about the money…

    (i know you already knew)

  • cmdraftbrn 2 years ago

    and the only real people pissed at this is the warmonger’s and profiteers.

  • Thomas Taylor 2 years ago

    Are those plane cartoons supposed to represent the F-16s, that Joe-Obama gave to Taliban? Pretty funny, to Democrats


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