“Fight Club” Isn’t The Only Movie China Altered

Published on January 28, 2022

Some of these kind of work… better? #Colbert #Comedy #ColdOpens

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  • Gabriel 2 years ago

    The ending of Mockingjay Part 2: President Snow kills Katniss and all the people of Panem cheer and return to their obedient lives.

  • Randy 2 years ago

    Altering movies is lame, try altering goverments ^^

  • Insane Troll 2 years ago

    In the Chinese version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, at the end the police turn up and arrest everyone.

  • Shawn Lucas 2 years ago

    Brianna’s face is heaven on earth. And the smirk ;-/

  • Teun De Looff 2 years ago

    Really, copying content from laowhy86?? At least come up with your own examples.

  • Alpenjodler1 2 years ago

    The real funny thing is, it’s closer to the original ending of the book: He does end up in an insane asylum but the people working there are already working for him 😀

  • Adrian Colley 2 years ago

    Reminder that _Soylent Green_ was set in the distant future year of 2022.

  • Greg Walker 2 years ago

    It’s a good thing the world doesn’t have to deal with these authoritarian buggers any time soon.
    The Winter what!? Oh no!

  • Chris Braeuer 2 years ago

    This will backfire. Because they make it a wanted thing to see the uncut stuff. And with cutting it they put a magnifying glass on it.

  • D P 2 years ago

    Leave China alone. Once the burp the rest of the world shits into their pants.

  • Siege 2 years ago

    Remember that one time China imprisoned an entire ethnic group and the whole world did nothing but hollow gestures?
    Oh wait, that’s right now.

  • w / v 2 years ago

    I saw this headline yesterday and thought it was a parody…

  • 12monkeyz 12momekeys 2 years ago

    Yeah.. just like Americans did with the natives.. u know the country u live in was theres… and made Them the savages in your movies..after u killed allmost All of them and then stole there land..

  • Fauler Perfektionist 2 years ago

    “Hey. Here’s a thought. Let’s go to the movies and _read.”_


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