Female Candidates Fight to Break the Airtime Glass Ceiling | The Daily Show

Published on May 9, 2019

Desi Lydic examines why female presidential candidates receive less air time than their male counterparts and still have to deal with misogynistic media commentary in the run up to 2020.



  • second 44 1 year ago

    so apparently not having a penis makes you full of shit and an expert in gender issues ,ok it actually makes sense

  • SK 1 year ago

    I THINK Hillary Clinton had more screen time than Bernie Sanders. Air time kind of skews more towards strong or unconventional candidates. Fox news is definitely absurd for focussing too much on millennium-old irrelevant misogynistic stereotypes. “A presidential candidate reminds of a nagging wife” is def going a bit far in the sexism territory.

  • Toad Sage 1 year ago

    That’s all they do, bitch

  • axel rod 1 year ago

    I choose you Pikachu.

  • Nick30468 1 year ago

    “She doesn’t do it for me” well no shit, you’re supposed to be picking a leader for the next four years, not acting like you’re looking through porn site thumbnails. Although I guess that does explain their love of trump; they don’t care that his actions are objectively bad for both parties and our country’s power as a whole, they just really want to blow his cheeto dick 😐

  • Lost Cause 1 year ago

    Tulsi Gabbard is the LEAST represented among the female candidates

  • Romaine Pennant 1 year ago

    “yes I know your hungry we also done”
    ???? Doesn’t seems like she has much control, not that I’m one to talk.

  • Christopher or Chris/Critter C 1 year ago

    Desi tucker has No balls

  • EchoVR 1 year ago

    YAAAY WOMEN!!! cuz policies are out the window now!!! Wooo IDENTITY POLITICS!!!!11!!

  • MoppyPuppy 1 year ago

    I thought airtime was based on how much money you contributed to bribe the news networks.

  • Saurabh Durgapal 1 year ago

    This was disappointing.
    All the clips from FOX?
    We already know they are a bunch of misogynists. Feels injustice for an issue that could have been covered better.

  • Lily Martinez 1 year ago

    When he called Kirsten Gillibrand a wafer… Like what the fuck?

  • Dorothy Gay 1 year ago

    Patriarchy is not dead.

  • DoesNotCompute 1 year ago

    Are we really that surprised that fucking Faux News is doing negative segments on democratic candidates?! And are we really surprised that they’re the only propaganda network that primarily attacks women with unnecessary remarks about their appearance?!

  • Arnold Davis 1 year ago

    Go make me a sandwich beoch

  • senortigre04 1 year ago

    WHO CARES! Just vote for BERNIE!!

  • R F 1 year ago

    All of those news cunts were right about Hillary ?‍♂️

  • TheBigL1 1 year ago

    Never heard anyone compare a person to a wafer before…

  • No need to worry about my username 1 year ago

    0:14 “who do you pick or choose” whoever came up with that deserves a raise. In fact, make that person a co-host with Trevor

  • Jay k 1 year ago

    why only conservative media , fox…? They always blab sh*t about everyone. nothing to do with being a woman. Please cover other channels.


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