FCC Votes to Repeal Net Neutrality, Walmart’s Marijuana Christmas Tree – Monologue



  • Jerin Mathew 10 months ago

    “Late Night with Seth Muscles” xD xD

  • gus dupree 10 months ago

    that was a red ribbon? i thought donny was showing off his new tie collection

  • MrHappyBollox 10 months ago

    Someone needs to tell these idiots who use the term “2K18” that there are the same number of characters in “2018”.

  • hela sghaier 10 months ago

    Sarah something Sanders looks really sad and miserable

  • Ro G 10 months ago

    Ivanka’s back there like, “Daddy’s got those scissors now, so I better check the lock on my underwear drawer to see if it’s been pried open.”

  • WokeProgressive 10 months ago

    Joe Biden should run against Trump in 2020. He could defeat the Orange menace.

  • Jeff 10 months ago

    anybody else get black screen and reg audio whenever they watch seth meyers?

  • TRAITOR Trump 10 months ago

    Thanks Putin!

  • BladeWinters 10 months ago

    The best way to annoy Trump about being the worst president would be to say he that he is better than all the U.S. Presidents whose names you forgot then proceed to name every president and ending with Donald “I can’t remember what the J. stands for” Drumpf

  • New Message 10 months ago

    You know that Sarah ate that stapler. She felt bad about it.. but ate it all the same.

  • ScionStorm 10 months ago

    Is Comcast that salty about Disney buying out Fox today after they had to drop out of the deal race on Monday that Seth can’t include mention of it in the news?


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