Fauci Finally Gets Through to MAGA Guy

Published on August 30, 2021

On Jake Tapper’s “State of the Union”, Dr. Fauci was asked about treating COVID with horse dewormer and told Americans, “Don’t do it! There is no evidence whatsoever that that works,” which finally got through to this MAGA fan.

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  • blautens 4 weeks ago

    I’ve lost the will to care. Take it all. Lots of it. Whatever you heard on FB or whatever social media cesspool you swim in, take it all, at once, in huge amounts, preferably – and convince your friends to do the same. I’m thinking the world will probably be better off.

  • Peter Paoliello 4 weeks ago

    These cartoons are so cinge

  • Eramiserasmus 4 weeks ago

    Oof. Felt that cameo in the neighborhood.

  • michael fernandez 4 weeks ago

    What were the expectations of all these individuals? Who Managed? Who Invited?, Who Created an environment of Stupidity Upon DEMOCRACY? Trump has provided enough evidence on his OWN,… to MAKE AMERICAN’s REALIZE WHO IS A LIAR. “I DON’T GET IT”. Why do Christians Believe in LIARS? WHAT ARE WE TEACHING OUR CHILDREN AND FUTURE? Health is an important aspect of life. To deny the Reality of Fact’s in Information is not a Quality any Human can Understand.

  • Richard B. 4 weeks ago

    Freedom of choice is a two way street, don’t hinder others from getting a vacation that the individual believes will prolong their happiness.

  • Stephen A 4 weeks ago

    LIES!: Ivermectin was first a human medicine, much like antibiotics. We give antibiotics to most animals nowdays!!!

  • Stephen A 4 weeks ago

    Nice touch the farmer speaking French!!!

  • james eaton 4 weeks ago

    Yes fauci has no clue about real medicine..how many people is he treating

  • Lone Skankster 4 weeks ago

    I wont take the Vaccine, like a SHEEP

    I take LIVESTOCK medication, like a PATRIOT.

  • Tired 4 weeks ago

    I understand why so many in middle America are so against things like vaccines and science.
    Belief in them seems to turn you into a generally smug, pompous, condescending prick based on my extensive data-sample of this comments section. On a video, no less, that satirises that very thing.

  • ALICE IN INTEL LAND 4 weeks ago

    Stephen Colbert still has not been arrested for molesting and killing a little boy On Epstein island? Hasn’t everybody seen that video

  • Jo Ann May-Anthony 4 weeks ago

    Invermectin is a wormer i give my horses in the spring.

  • Susan bodell 4 weeks ago

    Republicans are the new Mr. ED 🐴🐴🐴🐴🤡💯🤣. Or special Ed. 🤔

  • Jan _YTview 4 weeks ago

    After more than 18 months of idiocy its time to let them do whatever they want .. cue the digging of mass graves. 🥴

  • SuperLeica1 4 weeks ago

    Anti-vaxxers: RIP.

  • David Farner 4 weeks ago

    Stupid. Do better. Try harder to be funny.

  • Kitty S. 4 weeks ago

    Trumplicans committing suicide by covid!

  • Jose Luis Alvarez 4 weeks ago

    He will do repeats again

  • Wendigo63 ! 4 weeks ago

    Don’t take horse meds. Good advice.

  • The football geek 23 4 weeks ago

    Was US money and Fauci professional employment lent to Gain of Function research? Read for yourself and make your own conclusions.

  • Sandra 3 weeks ago

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