Fareed Zakaria: Ten Lessons for the Post-Pandemic World | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on October 16, 2020

CNN host Fareed Zakaria joins Bill to discuss why the Covid-19 pandemic should be a wake-up to change our risky behavior.

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  • Charlie Brown 3 years ago

    Yea keep scaring people bull shit

  • J Rob 3 years ago

    Notice how both of them failed to say that Germany has socialized medicine, aka – medicare for all.

  • Shellie Wolske 3 years ago

    The only supporters trump has left are the ones that caught Trump’s syphilis and are suffering from rotting brains

  • Herb Liptow 3 years ago

    USA for profit health care system is completely immoral. The thought of someone profiting off my physical misfortune is appalling!

  • The Doctor 3 years ago

    The bigger elephant in the room that people keep avoiding is overpopulation. We can either incentivize lower birth rates or nature is going to do it for us eventually.

  • robert edward 3 years ago


  • Roots 3 years ago

    Bill Maher: Hello Fareed, I brought you here to talk about how your book is an opportunity to talk about what I want to talk about, how I view the world, and the axe that I have to grind. Thank you for your book! Now shut up so I can bitch and moan.

  • Webbie 3 years ago

    fareed lost all credibility when he said trump had no chance in winning the 2016 election. The guy thinks he’s smart, but couldn’t even predict the most obvious election result in history.

  • Kevin Karén Kljyan 3 years ago

    Can we get handshakes and physical touch back post-pandemic. We gotta stop the fearmongering post-pandemic.
    And also, we can prevent the next pandemic from happening, we just have to stop spending money on wars, and use it to prevent it. Such as M4A.

  • Mitch Vine 3 years ago

    Bill,. your expert is politely telling you that “good food” is not the biggest deal. It’s your axe to grind, and your guests are being polite, but note that you are trying to put words in their mouth.

  • Willy Scottsman 3 years ago

    Fareed Zakaria is such an outstanding guest on Real Time and a great episode overall.

  • Tina McLaughlin 3 years ago

    Most people won’t change their diet, and health food stores won’t open in a ” bad neiborhood”. Chester, Pa has no food store. They have to drive, or bus to get food.

  • sympthylost 3 years ago

    Not everyone can control their weight. Unfortunately obesity is also often linked to poverty and poverty among other things can affect mental health which can also affect physical health. And when you have an economic situation like what we have now and people aren’t even working, you better believe the only thing they can afford is mac & cheese from the food bank.

  • Scott Luxzul 3 years ago

    The Obesity problem is what should be addressed. This is the group SARS-CoV-2(Covid-19) is targeting. Obesity leads to High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Kidney Problems and failure, Liver Problems, Pancreas Problems, Heart Problems, Poor circulatory problems and many more. Obesity compromises the Immune Systems so the body is unable to fight off Pathogens that attack it. Yet nobody in any News outlet that I’m seeing is addressing the issue of Obesity. And it’s getting worse. Now Childhood Obesity is rampant. Where do you think these children will end up before they even reach adulthood? It’s the heart of the Problem.

  • Ken Cress 3 years ago

    How about a famine natural disaster War…. A.I. Satan’s tool for the Antichrist
    Artificial intelligence…
    Buckle up!!!
    Jesus the Christ is Lord

  • invisible man 3 years ago

    Bernie Sanders needs to give Joe Biden a lecture on Capitalists countries with Medicare for ALL or Universal Health systems.
    Most educated modern capitalists countries have Medicare for All or a Universal health systems…France..England…Spain..Germany…Canada..just to name a few…
    Would Joe Biden Nationalize the Healthcare industry to get the corona virus under control?
    The entire Democratic primaries was about the DNC stopping Bernie Sanders and Medicare for ALL. It wasn’t about choosing the best candidate capable of defeating Donald Trump on November 3.
    Joe Biden laughed and mocked Bernie Sanders on the debate stage last spring when Bernie stated that every year 50,000 Americans suffer and die needlessly because they can’t afford proper healthcare….Joe Biden called Medicare for All unAmerican and went on to say that if a Medicare for All bill was put before me I would veto it…..Joe Biden stands by this even during a pandemic.

  • Mike 3 years ago

    Lesson one. Dont let the government take your freedom, you won’t get it back

  • Eric Murray 3 years ago

    On healthcare, “That has to be part of the solution..” no Bill. That’s THE solution.

  • Kira Welty 3 years ago

    It took 40 years of de-funding the public school system to make America this stupid.


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