Facebook Hides Harmful Instagram Data & The LAPD Collects Social Media Handles | The Daily Show



  • Funny Lad 2 years ago

    They know the false reality that is created but they couldn’t care less. Money. Greed. That’s it.

  • Cinderwoodwares 2 years ago

    As an artist, I like to use instagram to get my artwork out there, but really people only want to upvote models and instagrams algorithms really dont help get better stuff out there for people to see.

  • Aditya Sen 2 years ago

    Trevor Noah is the best, makes family time fun.

  • AKIRA SAKUYA 2 years ago

    Then just don’t use it. This app is created by a robot who is trying to understand emotions.

  • John 2 years ago

    If people stop glorifying these Instagram models, things might change, but if you look up to empty people, you become an empty person. Find better role models.

  • NeOnFaeRies 2 years ago

    i dont have FB or IG

  • Chuck Bury 2 years ago

    Myspace could’ve told you that now, come on.

  • bkbj8282 2 years ago

    Two ableist jokes in one 4-minute set.

  • H M 2 years ago

    obvious killer

  • Mr. 'Kirkland' Meeseeks 2 years ago

    Many people knew that before .. sooo yeah.
    It’s the fault of the user.

  • samarth srivastava 2 years ago

    Man I love Trevor’s Zuckerberg impression

  • Lester Crowley 2 years ago

    You have the right to remain silent. Never say anything to a cop. They are enemies, not friends and should never be trusted.

  • Pat Cavanaugh 2 years ago

    No way. No one could possibly believe that Zuckerberg would be that cold and slimy.

  • Chris M 2 years ago

    You don’t need a study to tell you watching/following others live what appears to be a better life than you, in a seemingly better body than you have for hours on end…is bad for your mental health. My teenagers don’t have FB, IG, TikTok, etc. accounts… matter of fact their phones are OUR (parents) phones. Their self-esteem and self-worth is high. Their friends parents ask why we don’t have the same problems they have…we tell them because we’re their parents not their friends. They can have all the “accounts” they want when they graduate HS and move out of our house.

  • Brandon Wirtz 2 years ago

    Man, I was scrolling instagram up until I cut this on….. also, scrolling instagram had me wanting to go out and do something about the political climate in america……

  • lenore johnson 2 years ago

    There is no justification for collecting social media info unless there’s a warrant.


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