Eye on Florida: Meet America’s Dick | The Daily Show

Published on July 3, 2021

From regulating porn instead of guns to denying felons their right to vote, here’s a look at Florida, one of the weirdest states in the country. #DailyShow #Florida #Wtf

00:00 – Who is “Florida Man”?
07:05 – The Water Supply Gets Hacked
08:57 – Miami Vice: Danger Beach
14:22 – Gun Control vs. Porn Control: Taking On the Wrong Kind of Mass Shooting
18:49 – Florida’s Lionfish Invasion
24:19 – The Battle Over Voting Rights for Former Felons
29:45 – Michael Kosta Meets the Grim Reaper




  • Danny Toon 2 years ago

    A Florida Man, smart people in Florida, Trump call’s flordia his backwards home.
    Watch out world, Florida is coming to to get you.

  • Steven Mac 2 years ago

    Republican trifecta control (House, Senate, Gov) since 1999 is why FL is so messed up. Thanks to Republicans, no matter how violent are the gun crimes, how many students are killed or people shot down in night clubs during mass shootings, they will not pass any restricted gun laws. “Stand Your Ground” allows racists to shoot POC. Environmental deregulations for the most environmentally sensitive of the contiguous lower 48 states and yet they keep electing republican governors who refused to say “climate change” while Miami Beach now floods at high tide. Very little funding for mental health or for drug rehabs…Florida could be the California of the east coast in terms of GPD, access to women’s health clinics, personal freedom and lgbtq rights and protections, could and should be leaders for producing renewable energy….but as long as republicans remain in control, Florida will continue to stay in the far right conservative evangelical christian dark ages

  • Fernbow Claw 2 years ago

    Miami is the armpit of the United States.

  • Bruce of wayne 2 years ago

    I missed seeing desi lydics face. Love her

  • Dog films 2 years ago

    Stop eating sugar yal. Save the beaches

  • iskandartaib 2 years ago

    The pirate guy had a hulk hogan stache…

  • LoyalQueen 954 2 years ago

    Fort Lauderdale BABY #FL954

  • Michael Hawaiianstyle 2 years ago

    Every house in Florida will have a pet crocodile.

  • Ricardo Cerrillo 2 years ago

    …and sporting a Beavis & Butthead t shirt rounds out the full tilt batshit characteristics of these types.

  • R U Experienced? 2 years ago

    this explains gaetz, rubio, cruz, mc CONell, mtg, gosar, trumps and too many more have roots from floriduh, are also model citizens (inbreeds)

  • Melody Hayes 2 years ago

    I instantly thought this was an episode of a Batman vs show endangering the citizens of Gotham issue… Wow but this actually happened in real life

  • Srikrishna P T 2 years ago

    To become a Florida man, you’ve to first be a Florida boy. Such a Florida thing to say.

  • -oiiio- 2 years ago

    When I lived in Florida I called it “the dangling appendage”.

  • JJ I 2 years ago

    Florida: killing off a $120 billion tourism industry so that uncompetitive sugar manufacturers can bribe politicians into allowing them to destroy the environment. If anything sums up everything that is wrong with America, this is it.

  • Patricia Patterson 2 years ago

    Live in Vegas, guess who wins the crazy contest?

  • Jatin Kumar 2 years ago

    Florida is basically America’s Uttar Pradesh

  • R U Experienced? 2 years ago

    ~25 min. in, most of the criminals are repugnantCONs …. whoops, redundant


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