Explaining Jokes to Idiots: Oscars Edition | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on April 8, 2022

As a public service for the humor-impaired, Bill breaks down the joke that led to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars.

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It’s HBO.

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  • Kat59 1 year ago

    Story of my life

  • idontknow1919 1 year ago

    Oscar, please get Bill Maher as the host for next year Oscar.

  • Leon Thomas 1 year ago

    Meanwhile, self-deprecating humor is fair game…

  • brian heidtman 1 year ago

    Back and too the left oh so good

  • Jose Alexi 1 year ago

    Bill wants to pretend he didn’t help invent cancel culture or inspire intolerance & hatred. Did you watch his shows from 2016 to 2020?

  • JF Baker 1 year ago

    As long as the left keeps being in power, freedom of speech will keep eroding.

  • Dennis Schohan 1 year ago

    Explaining the joke is half the fun

  • Harald Schnauzer 1 year ago

    Bill Maher is the Definition of smug

  • 20 years ago 1 year ago

    You have to listen to the Norm MacDonald story about the college gig

  • aprophethere 1 year ago

    a war going on, democracy is teetering, fascism is on the rise, and bill meets the moment to talk about the real victims. comedians.

  • Bryan Machin 1 year ago

    I think I’ve finally found a topic that conservatives and I can agree on! Nice work, Bill!

  • S L 1 year ago

    For those, who say that Bill Maher changed. No, it’s you who changed.

  • Allan Gray 1 year ago

    Im not a paid comedian, but I don’t think any of us jokesters give a fuck how anyone feels. I make jokes to make ME laugh. If other people laugh its an additional benefit, you arent a comedian becuase you want to be popular, youre doing to feel better about a world that has handed you nothing but shit, no matter what you do. I certainly was born with it, I’d imagine we all have been. Its a tick

  • laura tomczak 1 year ago

    woke hecklers… there we go

  • EM— MC 1 year ago

    Two words to ponder: Don Rickles

  • Miokomata 1 year ago

    This roast was better then my coffee but not as dark as will smith.

  • OX1947 1 year ago

    Bill, your show is becoming iconic by the week. It’ time to get rid of those cackling audience schleps.


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