Everything You Need to Know About Kamala Harris | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on November 28, 2020

Kamala Harris is the country’s first Black female candidate for VP. If you still don’t know much about her, we’ve got you covered. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #KamalaHarris



  • C Chima 2 months ago

    She is the woman that threw black people In Prison for smoking weed and laughed about it on the breakfast club.

  • Ukie Hag 2 months ago

    But… Kamala Harris is president.  I hope she gets along w/Jill Biden.

  • Sinki 2 months ago

    “spice is the anal sex of flavor” killed me

  • Ruth Cuadrado 2 months ago

    Just another corporate shrill

  • King Peppy 2 months ago

    Copala Harris

  • Roberto Rodriguez 2 months ago

    I love her sooo much shes soo beautiful and graceful

  • Freek Slot 2 months ago

    And above all, she’s looking good, and i think we should stop calling her African American or Asian American, just beautiful American is enough.

  • Eesha Sullivan 2 months ago

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  • Tone 2 months ago

    Support her from afar she better than trump fasho but She ain’t do shit in the bay tho. Weird how they always talk ab the successes but not the families she effected.

  • Freggie Ar-Raed 2 months ago

    Please support Hiam Abbas🇵🇸 to win an 🏆Oscar🏆. #OscarForHiamAbbas

  • Iurii Bazai 2 months ago

    Weak men Hard times Strong men Good times
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  • FLOODOFSINS 2 months ago

    She isn’t even fit enough to be on the bottom of my shoe

  • Freggie Ar-Raed 2 months ago

    Please support Salim Daw🇵🇸 to win an 🏆Oscar🏆. #OscarForSalimDaw

  • abdenbi CHIKOUN 2 months ago

    Massive demonstration in Paris denouncing police violence and rejecting the controversial “Global Security” bill in light of a new violence case of four French police officers who were arrested Friday after a video purportedly showed them beating up Michel Zecler, a Black music producer, in Paris.

  • Riceman 2 months ago

    Finally we have a VP who’s not a dog

  • Matteo Rivera 2 months ago

    Exactly! Calling her the female Barack Obama undermines her record and her own individuality! Let’s go with something that accurate captures her record as AG. I’m thinking “Supercop”

  • Julie D 2 months ago

    Yes, because someone holding back evidence that could take an innocent man off of death row is someone to be admired. Ask all the brothers serving long sentences for minor drug offenses what they think of Kamala.

  • Keefe McGuinness 2 months ago

    As a southern African myself It shouldn’t bother me but somehow It bothers me the way Trevor pronounces “Really” as “Rarely”. Lol. Love you Trev!!

  • Gamer Ji-Li 2 months ago

    Our family is black and Asian and it’s so cool that we are going to have a mixed black and asian lady as VP! <3


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