Everything Is Stupid – The Dangers of Fireworks | The Daily Show

Published on July 3, 2021

Every Fourth of July, some Americans like to celebrate in the stupidest way possible: blowing s**t up! Ronny Chieng breaks down the dangers of fireworks. #DailyShow #RonnyChieng #July4th



  • wizardmagic10288 2 years ago

    I actually have those plug-ins for my cats. And they really do work.

  • Edgar Triay 2 years ago

    Every July 4, my neighborhood looks and sounds like a battle of the Mexican Revolution.

  • Now This 2 years ago

    Yes fireworks are dangerous but please keep your self righteous bs to yourself.

  • Thē Argument 2 years ago

    Ronnie is looking like a whole snack these days. He lost the baby fat and got a tan. I wanna party & play with that. The scar gives him an edge & the thing he does with one eyebrow.

  • Parth 2 years ago

    Ronny has the best one liners. Comedic gold.

  • Richard Ruhe 2 years ago

    Blow up a Durian fruit. Stink shrapnel everywhere

  • A Random Camper 2 years ago

    In the last fourth of July, a bunch of idiots were launching fireworks until 3:00 am. And several days before that.

  • Marc Whinery 2 years ago

    First time in my life I got a puppy (so not a rescue why was probably mistreated), and when the fireworks went off and he was confused, I ran outside and barked at the fireworks, and ran in circles.

    He loves fireworks now.

  • 2 years ago


  • David Davis 2 years ago

    We could easily switch to laser light or drone shows. The first thing I thought drones could be used for.

  • skug9bob 2 years ago

    My brother had two little dogs who would run outside and bark back at the fireworks. My 80 pound pooch, meanwhile, would try to hide under things far too small for him at the first bang.

  • Irma Vera 2 years ago

    My nephew’s dog just dropped dead, when the neighbor lit an illegal firework. Just happened yesterday.

  • oldsesalt 2 years ago

    I loved playing with fireworks as a child. Not so much the burns from having them blow up in my hands.

  • MealBetix 2 years ago

    something else that kills people that can still be bought everywhere

  • Sjoerd Bokma 2 years ago

    Reminds me of dutch new years eve. Look up how to survive dutch new years eve.


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