Everything is Stupid – Carson King’s Million-Dollar Beer Money Saga | The Daily Show



  • Turtleproof 2 years ago

    Did everyone take stupid pills, who was wise as a teenager? I was mildly homophobic and racist as a child, I grew up and got over that stupidity.

  • Rohypno tist 2 years ago

    I wanna see that photo of your great grandma Ronny

  • Mollecules75 2 years ago

    “I got 5 on it”?

  • Andrew Burton 2 years ago

    Pointing fingers on the internet, rarely a good idea.

  • A C 2 years ago

    I think every libtard like myself out here can agree — nobody cares about reposted “edgy” jokes from anyone’s teenage years. Give it a fucking rest, from one dyed-in-the-wool leftist to all the fakeass gloryhound SJWs. Give it a fucking rest.

  • A'mma vevo 2 years ago

    I love Ronnie’s bits too funny ????

  • Aditya Nugraha 2 years ago

    So in US if you donate or doing charity, people will dig up your past??? No wonder US people start killing people on shoot out since at least they can have their fun before someone dig up their dark past… Better do crime then shamed than doing good things then shamed

  • Vibhor Kumar 2 years ago

    Ronny chieng everybody

  • It'sCommonSensePeople 2 years ago

    Lesson: The things you say on the internet can come back to haunt you.

  • Casta Nova 2 years ago

    When I saw the title I thought it was CallMeCarson

  • Charles Hepburn II 2 years ago

    Ronny is such an impressive comedian… pitch perfect the whole time.

  • Jonathan Downs 2 years ago

    I work with Carson, this is funny, can’t wait to show him.

  • Apple Fan Channel Pro Max 2 years ago

    I’m done
    The internet will finger you back

  • Jon Robert Anderson II 2 years ago

    This is just a prime example of “Ironic Justice” ,the beer guy did something as a joke inadvertently raised over $1 million, gave it to charity & it was matched so the Children’s Hospital’s got $2 million. Then the bastard reporter decided to defame the beer guy over old tweets & the reporter ends up getting fired for his racist posts. Nice

  • BADDA-CAS MEDIA 2 years ago

    When you realize Ronny Chieng is popular because of Internet and he makes himself money through internet

  • Vuyiswa Nhlumayo 2 years ago

    My heart dropped for 2 seconds after Trevor mentioned how the kids are the winners of this whole saga and Ronny said “well, actually” coz I thought maybe the guy ended up not donating or something like that?

  • King Ozymandias 2 years ago

    Karma hits back??

  • First Last 2 years ago

    I used to be a pretty good gamer. Was invited to Japan to Vs. a clan called “RITA” in a shooter game called Metal Gear Solid. During those days my teenage ego was at such a disgusting level that I spoke like some sort of self-made God, extremely racist…but then so was everyone else. Here’s what blows my mind…not once did any of us actually mean what we said. Against all races. So yeah I take back what I said and a few years later I feel bad about it, but I am not nor any of those guys real racists. It was more of a lets fuck around kind of thing.

    And look at what is happening in 2019…shit looks like the 1940’s.

  • The Allfather 2 years ago

    Keeping the beer money

  • Valentin Busuioc 2 years ago

    I love his sarcastic tone 🙂


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