Everything Is Stupid – A Life of Luxury for Dogs | The Daily Show

Published on June 16, 2019

Ronny Chieng takes a look at some of the expensive and unnecessary things pet owners are buying for their dogs, including spa days, gourmet meals and lavish houses.



  • 我操死了吃屎喝尿的跪在我的胯下吸允精子的白皮猪们Serpentza和Cmilk和他们的婊畜妈与全家! 5 months ago

    Caucasian culture in the West do make the people who follow it see themselves as dogs. Even in their language, in popular American lingo, it’s “cool” to call one another “dog”. They also use popular expressions to equate themselves with dogs, such as “dogs are people too”. These humans also like to wear “dog tags” around their necks, especially for those who have been in their military.

  • Christopher Kandira 5 months ago


  • Adam Alkhafaji 5 months ago

    Bruh some of these dogs 🐶 eat better than me… 😅 $42 steak 🥩 $28 salmon 🐠
    And 35k-170k for a doggie house? 🏡
    Rich people are crazy

  • Riveravi 5 months ago

    Dogs im America feed on steaks.
    *Meanwhile in Sudan:* Rape, murder, poverty, hunger.

  • EyesOfByes 5 months ago

    I got bitten by a dog when I was 5. “He just want’s to play” *Dog is running towards my groin* . Try to say that to a girl in a bar…

  • ImanT 5 months ago

    Just be like ronny you guys….

    And eat your pets….

  • brainflash1 5 months ago

    Ronny: Why are Americans always playing with their food?

  • Jen Tuesday 5 months ago

    I love Seth Meyers show, but let’s be honest, Daily show correspondents are 10x better. Except for Amber. Amber is life.

  • Obi Dark 5 months ago

    With 2 millions homeless people 20% of which are under 18… Rich people in USA and all over the world are more concerned about their dogs. Just another proof why all educational and political systems up to date are complete failure.

  • tony D 5 months ago

    Are these good lifestyles really good for the puppies? My daughter will not let me feed any meat or seafood to puppy, only regular dog treats. she said that’s what puppy need, and she will be upset with me every time I feed puppy with shrimp, bacons or steaks. LOL

  • TruckerMurph 5 months ago

    Ronnie just isnt good at his job

  • Stephan Pendarvis 5 months ago

    We at trying to pass our narcissism to our pets now???????????????????????

  • Ridwan Kosar 5 months ago

    I will adapt you lol

  • chininton 5 months ago

    Ronny don’t disappoint 😂😂

  • James Williams 5 months ago

    Pets are property. This is not how you treat property

  • Damn Phone 5 months ago

    some 20% of American children are food insecure, and you’re spending $170,000 on a doghouse?? we made a doghouse from scrap wood, layered hay and blankets, ran a chicken incubator lightbulb in for warmth and laughed at how lavish the dog was living yet the whole thing cost maybe $20 and took 2 hours. those dog houses are more expensive than my three bedroom home. the rich should be shot fit such extravagance in the face of need. we need a French revolution here.

  • Serai3 5 months ago

    * shrug * It’s their money. Yeah, it’s excessive, and definitely a measure of how bad the problem of inequality has gotten, but at least the dogs get treated well. They’re innocent in all this, after all.

  • Ganiscol 5 months ago

    Decadence 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Espio ALPH3ON Momene 5 months ago

    Makes the $999 iMac stand worth it…

  • xmusic lyf 5 months ago

    Dogs can live on their own.They don’t need human owner.


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