“Every One Of Us Has An Obligation To Speak Out” – Sen. Schumer On Anti-Asian Violence

Published on March 19, 2021

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer speaks firmly in support of the Asian American community and reminds all Americans that it is our obligation to speak out against hatred. Continue watching for part two of Stephen’s interview with Sen. Schumer. #Colbert #ALateShow #SenSchumer

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  • Konglim Khoo 3 years ago

    China Used the Chinese/Asian expats to gain power, dominance and influence. Once they are done using them, She dumps them. cast them to the wind to fend for themselves.
    But the expats were willing partners in the most parts. it would have continue to be great if it is not for the sudden about turn of Beijing policies. There is nothing we can do, but to hunker down like before and wait for another turn in China’s policies which may take another 30 years.

  • Jan truitt 3 years ago

    Pmurt was and is the worse president ever, because he, for four years, has destroyed numerous lives, and did not care!

  • splat apuss 3 years ago

    1/2 the children in poverty will stay in poverty. USA! USA!

  • Denise Rutkowski 3 years ago

    How about on the genocide of Palestinians Mr. Schumer? Absolutely horrible the treatment of Asians the murders that occurred you are a hypocrite sir

  • Keith Smith 3 years ago

    Was messaged by Beto O’rourke the other day giving me links for getting vaccines. Cruz and Cornin would have never care to help anyone.

  • Mary Kuczko 3 years ago

    Jet broadband? Plz no more monopoly s

  • Marmaduke the Cat 3 years ago

    Listen to that echo in Sen Schumer’s house. Bunch of rich a-holes need to share the wealth

  • ze 3 years ago

    The Late Show’s parade of p.o.s. politicians marches on…


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