Even the Experts Don’t Know Who Should Get a COVID Booster Shot | The Daily Show



  • 26841397 2 years ago

    Oh Trevor, ovarian cycsts are serious! One big one broke off one of my fallopian tubes, which then had to be removed. Better see an OB/GYN! (I reckon you got health insurance. I am German though, didn’t cost me a dime)

  • Paola Andrea Roa Ballestas 2 years ago

    I kind of miss Michael Costa background portrait

  • Lucas Celeste 2 years ago

    Your videos make this so much more manageable thank you Trevor

  • Babetravelling 2 years ago

    Is common sense not common anymore?

  • G. B. 2 years ago

    This was weird.

  • Ana Hill 2 years ago

    I usually tend to avoid watching the news because it really depresses me. But this makes it easier to watch as there is positivity and jokes as well, so thankyou!

  • matenzo 2 years ago

    I love raising the volume to be able to hear these clips and then getting startled every time an add pops up.

  • Steven Welsh 2 years ago

    Big pharma says 110% of humans need their boosters, yes even the dead ones

  • Sergio Furer 2 years ago

    What your basicly saying is the vaccines never worked. So now we are going to inject you with the same thing that didn’t work the first 2 times again. That makes perfect sense . This is why I believe in science!!

  • Donrexhibites 2 years ago

    You should get those ovarian cysts checked out. They can sneak up on you.

  • meh. 2 years ago

    We shoud all get booster shots, it’s really simple. I want BioNTech stock to go up.

  • Cheeza Rose 2 years ago

    Why is the US always so behind ? I’m from Belgium and they have already announced who gets it. People with life altering/threatening illnesses and anyone over 65 not that complicated.

  • Daniel du Pre 2 years ago

    “A Basketball CANNOT be injected into the blood stream”, the covid vaccines are also NOT supposed to be injected into the blood stream… They are supposed to be injected into the muscle.

  • Master of the abyss 2 years ago

    I love Trevor Noah, he works for me. Hey everyone, remember to take your totally safe and effective booster! Why would Trevor Noah and I lie to you? Trust us! .

  • Darko240 2 years ago

    Pfizer submitted a trial of 309 people, only 12 over 65, and the leader of the free world went for it. This is insanity.


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