Even Fox News Was Stunned by Cassidy Hutchinson’s Devastating Testimony: A Closer Look

Published on June 29, 2022

Seth takes a closer look at former White House official Cassidy Hutchinson’s shocking testimony before the January 6 committee, revealing that Trump orchestrated a violent coup and wanted to lead an armed mob to the Capitol to overturn the election.

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  • classic life 7 months ago

    What fascinates me is the Laura Ingraham bit. Talk about career insecurity. Yes, Laura, she’s conservative, MUCH, MUCH, younger, and MUCH, MUCH more attractive than you. Never mind “The View”; maybe she’s coming after YOUR job, hun. #Meow

  • Perseverance 7 months ago

    Cassidy said the truth not gain fame but because she loves her country… Mad respect.

  • GeoNorth _ 7 months ago

    The image of that tub of goo grabbing the wheel and wrestling with the driver while yelling “I’m the fuckin’ President!” is enough to invoke a smile for weeks to come.

  • Rin Indibox 7 months ago

    secret service should have just allowed trump to go to congress on the 6th

  • David Sun 7 months ago

    While this is good and all, can’t help but feel like this whole Jan 6 inquirey won’t have any substantial result while the Supreme Court is probablly gearing up to overturn voting rights for women and minorities.

  • Joe C 7 months ago

    To the effect of

  • David Portwood 7 months ago

    I still find it hard to believe that Trump ever intended to go down to the Capitol during the chaos to lead a coup. I don’t believe Trump has that kind of courage. I do think he stirred up his supporters to take that action (coup), but I don’t think Trump himself would ever have shown up onsite until things had settled and a crown was being offered to him.

    When you look closely at what actually happened, Trump left his supporters basically on their own to do all the heavy lifting, while he stayed way back in relative safety. To me, this is Trump to a T.

    Trump may well have made macho noises about meeting up with his followers at the Capitol, but I suspect any such was just bluster. Trump knows bluster like Bo knows baseball.

    This of course does not lessen Trump’s culpability. It was very clear what Trump demanded of his supporters and they did their best to provide it for him, even in his absence. My opinion, they deserved better. But anybody hitching their wagon to Trump is going to end up in a bad way, eventually.

    Even Putin, by the way. President Trump was going to be re-elected and grant Putin’s every wish. But look at Putin now. Trump didn’t get re-elected, the US is supporting the Ukraine opposition, and Putin is apparently dying of some terrible illness. Coincidence? Maybe. Just saying, anybody hitching their wagon to Trump is taking an awful risk. But I digress.

    In any case, Jan 6 would surely not have happened without Trump’s incitement. He should be charged. He should be convicted. Wasn’t Trump impeached twice? Are we beginning to sense a pattern here?

  • Steve Smith 7 months ago

    Where can I get myself some of that delicious “Donnelly Irish Whiskey”?

  • gemcan54 7 months ago


  • Jessica Barber 7 months ago

    What?? Fox ran out of excuses for trump??? No black lives matter or anifa tried to crash a secret service car or smashing plates in the oval office?

  • Dave Semans 7 months ago

    Well, you know, when they cannot refute the message refute the messenger 🙄. Media, especially FuxSnooze, has done that for anything Trump the past eight years.

  • Lisa Kaplan 7 months ago

    Is Stephen Miller’s head getting rounder?

  • Charles Bronson 7 months ago

    Everytime something about Trumps behind the scenes crap comes out I have a Seth Second with a shot or two of whiskey because im just dumbfounded by how many bafoons have supported such a cartoonish Dick Tracey character.

  • AR JC 7 months ago

    CORRECTION bait with that Wordle grid at 8:18. The previous line doesn’t match even a little bit. Graphics department almost certainly did that on purpose, because they’ve made that mistake in the past. (The third letter, which looks like an O, should be green, and the fifth letter is yellow but doesn’t appear in DROWN.)

  • Chris Blum 7 months ago

    I could watch Seth drink during “Sit With It” segments every single day.

  • GFighter89 7 months ago

    Amazing how she’s a junior aide who can’t be trusted….anymore

  • Kfroguar 7 months ago

    6:21 frogs are amphibians

  • Linda Taylor 7 months ago

    Wait, so the MAGAts believe the Trump loyal Secret Service Agents, who Vice President wouldn’t even trust enough to sit and wait
    inside his vehicle, while the Capitol was being infested by MAGAts on January 6th. Right….

  • Diego Suarez 7 months ago

    Sandra was dumbfounded.


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