Evan Rachel Wood – Surviving Trauma and Speaking Out | The Daily Show

Published on March 15, 2022

Actor and activist Evan Rachel Wood discusses using her platform and privilege to speak up about domestic violence and advocate for The Phoenix Act. #DailyShow



  • Róża Łucja 7 months ago

    Thank you, Evan, both, for your legislative work and your courage to speak up. Lots of love.

  • MLG GAMER 7 months ago

    I agree with her on the power of trauma and how it can really affect your body and your brain because I remember watching an episode of Ben 10 and they did cover something along that lines with this one character and to the point where she developed Stockholm syndrome in trying to deal with that abuser so I look at that and I say she’s right she’s completely correct and that’s how I know she’s telling the truth

  • annmarie anfield 7 months ago

    This is the problem with trusting journalism. There is a law suit against her as we speak.. You should not have had her on as a guest and HBO should not air the documentary until all the legal procedures are finished. And you guys wonder why half the population doesn’t trust you.. ( on a personal note: I try to be open . I try not to judge, but why would you make further allegations about someone abusing children on a show as big as this. A lawyer must have told her about further defamation with an active lawsuit against her. Yet, she kept digging into him, Why? She wasn’t crying and pleading for him to get help! She wasn’t visibly angry over those poor child who have been abused. It all seems weird. P. S. Never been a fan of Marylin Mason. I am just tired of all the garbage. If he abused her he should get prosecuted. If she is lying she should have to pay him a portion of her salary for the rest of her life and she should never get to act again without a disclaimer next to her name. Somebody is lying, but she shouldn’t be going on talk shows discussing this until it is legally settled and you are culpable and should be sued too if she further defamed him on your show.

  • A P 7 months ago

    This interview would be so much better if Trevor didn’t go on the record and call himself a Cuomosexual

  • AdMerin 7 months ago

    Thank you, no one believes you when you tell them you have been abused, and frankly almost no one believes you while it is happening and you need help, especially when you are a child being abused by a person with a respectable job. It does not matter what job a person has, abusers are woven into every level of society. My abusers were high school teachers. No one wanted to believe me, they accused me of being a “trouble child”. That doubled the paychological damage I suffered. I cannot imagine how hard it must be to come forward when your abuser is world famous.

  • Michael OB 7 months ago

    Can you please let Evan know that I thank her for being so brave to share something like this, thank you for being man enough to interview someone as strong as her, thank you brother, sorry things got this bad

  • Alex Daniel 7 months ago

    It’s so strange to hear that Marilyn Manson is a disturbed individual. Based on his music, costumes, stage performances, you just wouldn’t pin him as *that guy*, you know?

  • Matt 7 months ago

    Why does one/we require victimization?

  • ChivyD 7 months ago

    Can people not hear the pain and fear in her voice. You wonder why people don’t come forward I have seen enough of it to last a lifetime on here people are cruel need help of some sort i have no answers for this.

  • MusicfromMarrs 7 months ago

    Thank you for finding the fortitude to come forward with your entire story, ERW. I know that you’re already experiencing pushback from fans of Marilyn Manson, so I hope that all is resolved, that his abuse is both stopped and addressed.

  • Randomluck 7 months ago

    She was great in Across the Universe. 🍓

  • inm mbb 7 months ago

    Proud of all victims that keeps moving forward, healing from such trauma❤️. The ones that stands forward are also brave hero’s saving so many others from the same trauma, thank you for that ❤️.

  • K Shoemaker 7 months ago

    It’s funny how Marilyn Manson puts out a lawsuit calling her out and her friends out for lying and fabricating stuff. And now she’s on a publicity tour talking about being a victim, I would love to see how things go in court because I bet you anything her and her friends are just out to ruin Marilyn Manson for money. Marilyn Manson has become the Michael Jackson, because he looks the part people believe the accusations

  • jack chop 7 months ago

    ♥️♥️ All Women are heroes!! ♥️♥️

  • abraham schlesinger 7 months ago

    Amazing vulnerability.

  • Jimmy Bryant 7 months ago

    After what she said about Kobe Bryant after his death I can’t blindly endorse her. That was fowl.

  • King Thief 7 months ago

    Stop lying Evan

  • Tara Keene 7 months ago

    I love Evan Rachel Wood!!! I’ve been a fan of her in movies and acting since I was 12, and before I had ever heard of Marilyn Manson. I’m going to watch it and support her. Why does bankruptcy last longer than a state’s statute of limitations? Oh, politics, nevermind…

  • Tuti Fruti 7 months ago

    She sounds just like Holly Hunter (without the Southern accent).
    Women (or men) who are in relationships for the FUN of it ONLY, would leave at the first sign of abuse.
    Unfortunately, relationships are initiated for many, many other reasons (that may or may not involve fun) and it is those other reasons that blur your sight in terms of recognizing, condemning and running away from abuse.

  • MooreJulianne 7 months ago

    Evan the brave 👊💪♥️

  • Erma Reilly 7 months ago

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  • Amy 7 months ago

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