Europe Swelters Under Heat Apocalypse | Late Show To Go LIVE After Next Jan. 6 Committee Hearing

Published on July 19, 2022

Stephen checks on our friends in Europe who are experiencing a record-setting heat wave, and announces that The Late Show will broadcast LIVE this Thursday after the next public hearing by the Jan. 6th Committee.

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  • Steve Richmond 1 year ago

    In Scotland – miracles…. it’s not raining!!!

  • Emixam 1 year ago

    Was just in France, it was insanely hot already. You could literally see a massive fire raging from the Avingon church

  • Fathom the Undertaker 1 year ago

    I have bought a boat and went fishing a long way out to sea by myself today….Thanks Stephan

  • Michael Esx 1 year ago

    So people dying is funny now?

    You can do better man. This was disgusting.

  • Allen Montrasio 1 year ago

    Hey, we do have air conditioning in Europe…

  • sd terebibae 1 year ago

    Sigh another one focusing on the fistbump. Such a trivial matter. Disappointing again.

  • BizzMoneyB 1 year ago

    Trump’s saying he has to win in ’24 to avoid these crimes. but we cant let Biden run. its not his fault there’s a war that’s affected gas prices, price gouging after the pandemic, and a Republican disguised as a Dem in Manchin who wont allow clean energy because he’s rich from coal.

  • Jacqueline de sanctis 1 year ago

    Hang on, America is going down the tube because of the crazy politics of the democrats and their ever so senile leader, and this guy spends time mocking the past president? Sorry, just do not get it! I do laugh at him, he is funny, but that is where it ends.

  • Loredell 1 year ago

    I missed you!

  • ulli_ulli 1 year ago

    We don’t have ACs because we don’t WANT ACs… way to costly when it comes to electricity.

  • Misses Hippy 1 year ago

    Einhof! We are coming for you and your snowball.

  • Raven Niles 1 year ago

    It’s what chicks crave!!!

  • Dr. Matthew Rowan's GUITAR LICKS 1 year ago

    Across the pond, we suffer from ‘sweaty arse’. You’re welcome.

  • Cancun771 1 year ago

    Wouldn’t you really want people in the Secret Service who _know_ that text messages can be reconstructed?
    Just saying.
    I mean if you can’t have people there who know not to send incriminating text messages in the first place.
    Or not to incriminate themselves during a violent insurrection and coup attempt.

  • Brandon Millar 1 year ago

    lol tiny orange hands. I almost spit out my coffee. give graphics a raise!

  • IeatyellowSNO 1 year ago

    Sorry to all the Europeans in the comments having simple brained Americans compare our heat to yours. Everything is a competition to them and they compare this weather… even if they have never left the country. Just reply with an American flag and they will go away.

  • chris vera croat 1 year ago

    It was 18 days Stephan. Not 2 weeks. You lazy s.o.b. Complacent much?!


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