Europe Considers Banning American Travelers Due to Coronavirus | The Tonight Show

Published on June 24, 2020

Jimmy addresses European leaders’ disapproval of Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic in another Tonight Show: At Home Edition.

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  • Mike Finn 1 month ago

    Jimmy. I’d like to order two of those back-pats. Can I become an auhorized dealer? You hit on a universal need. Be sure to corner the Chinese and India rights.

  • EdDueim 1 month ago

    Nice drawers.

  • maxnicks 1 month ago

    Are we considered a shithole country now?

  • AUTONOMEN x 1 month ago

    See what you did, trumptards!!?
    Europe’s mom says we can’t come over anymore, because of you!!

  • Ken Price 1 month ago

    When people find out the virus is not real, they are going to lose thier minds. For some it will take FEMA pulling out the gilloutines before they chose to wake up to the truth. People love lies as there is no truth in them. End of this world… nothing new.

  • The Super Viewer 1 month ago

    We’ve lost a prestige we’ll never get back

  • seta amirian 1 month ago

    You are great in what you do , beautiful family you have… hope to see your show back on screen soon🙏🙏

  • Samantha Sanchez 1 month ago

    Honestly go ahead ban us some of us really need to learn a lesson

  • Loene 1 month ago

    America banned Europeans from entering the us in March when it was already bad over here and hadn’t spread in America as much.

  • Marina Gordo 1 month ago

    These shows are so much doper from home. These crayons on the desk though 😄

  • Sha Xia 1 month ago

    It’s only natural, after all US banned EU first.

  • Lucian 1 month ago

    0:42 It looks like everybody starts to hate America because of their TRUMP-MAGA shit that triggers biological warfare and pandemics around the globe. So , Trump really managed to make America great as fucking fuck so far. He should be re-elected again and again just so he can fuck the planet completely. Making America Great Again And Again By Fucking Everything Else Around The Globe. Including America. Good deal.

  • Trevor Standefer 1 month ago

    Jimmy, I live in Normandy, France, near DZA in Ravenoville, I see love for the USA 🇺🇸 everywhere here but people in Normandy know the difference between the president and the people, they dislike Ftrump but like Americans

  • Jason 1 month ago

    Yup bann that ignores out of here xD. We dont need that over here in Europe. Good luck with it! We are tired of listening to your problems and watching you keep being stubborn.

  • Norbert 1 month ago

    US: we’ll pull our troops out from Germany because of some random excuse.
    EU: Da, we’ll ban all of you.

  • Saeshmea 1 month ago

    Barcelona IS pronounced [Barselona] 🙂

  • TejAmeline Wenham 1 month ago

    Wow. Jimmy seems more exhausted of American shenanigans than Afghanistan where tens of ppl die in blasts every day cos of America’s let’s negotiate with the taliban assholes shindig. That’s really saying something.

  • JenJay 016 1 month ago

    Can’t travel to NY and CT!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Chad Leach 1 month ago

    Gotta look like your doing something.


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