Ethan Hawke Takes The Colbert Questionert – Part 1

Published on September 14, 2022

Ethan Hawke shares himself so intimately that his Colbert Questionert has to span two segments. Watch him answer questions like, “What happens when we die?”, and stick around for the rest of Stephen’s scientifically-tested and deeply personal test. #Colbert #EthanHawke #TheColbertQuestionert

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  • New Message 1 year ago

    “What do you think happens when we die?”

    Well… Khonshu’s voice booms in your inner ear…

  • GEN - X - 三FPV三 1 year ago

    Great “after we die” answer!

  • Greg Whittle 1 year ago

    Guy has aged really well but could use a more hip hair cut.

  • kaz kk 1 year ago

    FYI, Tick is an arachnid not an insect. The scariest animal is man

  • Elliott Bork 1 year ago

    Thats a good video title

  • Brando 72 1 year ago

    Ethan is dumber than I thought,

  • Tracy 1 year ago

    My fave is a reuben.
    I wrote a reply to Zoetrope about a horror movie he starred in I think it was called sinister but not sure
    He played a writer If anyone knows what I’m talking about and I’m wrong about the title could you let me know
    Ps I’m really bad at this but I’m working at this whole texting thing

  • Merakis100 1 year ago

    I love Ethan. Well put sir. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

  • Dale Drew 1 year ago

    Least favorite smell, cigarette smoke

  • Naomi 1 year ago

    I am in love … Ethan’s answer on, what he thinks happens after we die, is exactly where I have landed in my beliefs at 50. I never had a star crush on him in the 90s, but every part of, this part 1, pulled me in. Lucky wife of his, having pharamones that are his favorite scent. Whoa. Lol.

  • Establish justice insure domestic tranquility provide for the common defense 1 year ago

    How many people have your Questionert answers ready, just in case Stephen has you on the show?

  • toobasaurus23 1 year ago

    Man, I’m a huge fan of Ethan Hawke. He is so intelligent and a true student of literature and film.

    I like how he makes the blockbuster, then makes a low-budget indie film or two that pushes the boundaries. His range as an actor is astounding.

    Second, he was with Uma Thurman. As a man, I have to respect his magnetism. The most captivating woman and actress of my time, and I watched everything Uma was in.

    They made beautiful and talented children together. Maya Hawke is a really talented musician and actress in her own right. Even separated with Uma he’s being a good father.

    Ethan just keeps winning at life because he knows himself, his art, and his family.

    What’s not to admire?

  • jamie reed 1 year ago

    yeah the divine concept of time!I knew I loved this guy!

  • Grits Kennedy 1 year ago

    I love him! He is super sweet and his sweet nature makes him a panty dropper! Oops my grown adult children reading over my shoulder said, “MOTHER!!!”, to which I say, if you don’t mind your father has been gone now for 16 years don’t ya think it is about time I even notice other men! Unobtainable men at that! Those are the best because there will never be another true love for me!

  • Boba Phat82 1 year ago

    Is it just me or has he changed into josh brolin?

  • John Coffman 1 year ago

    Mr Colbert. Have you been made aware that New Zealand’s favorite Christmas movie is Shawshank Redemption. No shitt!

  • Maria Loera 1 year ago

    Ethan a Woke man!! Love him


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