Ethan Hawke Has The Love Of An Amateur And The Discipline Of A Professional

Published on February 2, 2021

Ethan Hawke talks about why he has so many artistic pursuits outside of acting and how they help maintain his creative spark. Check out Ethan’s latest artistic work, a novel titled “A Bright Ray Of Darkness.” #Colbert #ALateShow #EthanHawke

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  • will travel 12 months ago

    Ouch! Feeling confined in your ‘professional’ job Colbert?! Wonderfully inspiring response by Ethan.

  • The Day Man 12 months ago

    “Do you dance?”
    *ethan gets extremely close to the camera*
    “Are you asking me?”

  • LM 12 months ago

    Thanks for this Hawke interview, Col-brrrrr…..awesome

  • Martin Schlömer 12 months ago

    Henry four? Is that a sequel?

  • Pieter Fret 12 months ago

    Every time Ethan Hawke is on, I just know I’m going to learn something about life. I was not disappointed.

  • kiha 12 months ago

    Ethan Hawke forever impressed by him in the movie Gattaca🤩

  • Coreen Mazzocchi 12 months ago

    Getting low key Gary Busey vibes from Ethan here.

  • VideZoniX ! 12 months ago

    ~start by writing about what you know~ Luckily what HawkEye knows is worth reading about . Must be why my 2016 screen play has been read by one person (less myself) Too heavy for regular folk . First synopsis that went to HW became the B story for a huge flick released about 3 yrs later …but you know, coincidences all around ; ) Right there with you on having to do more than one thing. Now just need to get good at something and who knows.

  • Jarod Jagges 12 months ago

    The longer hair looks damn good, keep it 👌

  • Jan Willem v.d. Gronden 12 months ago

    What an insightful “professional”, but most of all human being. I tried to look up the beautiful proverb he quoted: “To master a craft you have to apprentice three”. Anyone knows where it originates from? (not Hemingway BTW) I was deeply moved by both the scene he painted and what it meant to him growing up. He truly is inspiring, and I say that in the most literal sense possible!

  • BarbarianGod 12 months ago

    In my country a snow day just meant I had to shovel the driveway before going to school xD
    And trying not to get hit by the snowploughs

  • sandra robinson 12 months ago

    Ash Wednesday unfortunate title to use in Australia horrific bushfire memories of our Ash Wednesday.

  • HiddenInTheLight 12 months ago

    Does Ethan Hawke have a podcast? I’d love to continue listening to his thoughts

  • Erkka Mykkänen 12 months ago

    Nice to see Mr. Hawke is already getting ready for the “Love after…” movie to be made 20 years from now.

  • CP30 12 months ago

    So, nobody else noticed he is clearly on amphetamines? No judgment, but it’s obvious.

  • Jordan Ayling 12 months ago

    The glee on his face when Stephen is complimenting his show is so endearing

  • Rhonda Moore 12 months ago

    He looks like Doc Holliday. I can’t see anything else now.

  • The Dude 12 months ago

    Ethan Hawke made more cult movies then people realise.

    And for the younger generation, a cult movie basically means a masterpiece that the shitty press ignored but people respect deeply.

  • Karen Neill 12 months ago

    “Amateur means you do something for love.” Sounds all profound, but it’s not such a deep thought, ‘amateur’ is ‘lover’ in French. 🙄


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