Eric McCormack’s Son Got a Huge Compliment from Laura Dern

Published on January 24, 2020

Eric McCormack talks about his son catching the acting bug and his love of the band Rush.

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  • Mike Haydon 8 months ago

    Too bad Travelers ended. Enjoyed that show.

  • Satyasya Satyasya 8 months ago

    Anyone watch him in Perception? I thought it was ok-ish, until a very touching moment where he’s like hugging his imaginary friend and it cuts from the both of them, to just him falling into arms that aren’t there, and it was a pretty heavy moment for me. Way too relatable.

  • New Message 8 months ago

    That was a hard day for Canadians in general, and music lovers as a whole in specific…

    I’m sad twice over, now.

  • Mat Cooper 8 months ago

    Such a lovely guy, absolutley loved him in Travelers, that show ended way too soon!

  • Ray Rios 8 months ago

    Keep in mind that your feed will fill up with false ads and recommended channels. I’m already seeing it. Don’t forget the ones that want to fool you, pays attention to the YouTube algorithm. Request not to see the ad and/or don’t recommend channel by pressing the 3 dots to the right of video.

  • Marius Thefaker 8 months ago

    I think his biggest worry should be how did Laura Dern know who his son was when he’s never met her?

  • luvyou baby 8 months ago

    Loved his show “travelers”

    If u like good sci-fi time travel, check it out on Netflix


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