Eric “Champion of Women” Schneiderman Falls to the Me Too Movement | The Daily Show

Published on May 8, 2018

After gaining a reputation as a tireless advocate for women’s rights, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigns amid multiple allegations of violence against women.

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  • Katie McGowan 2 years ago

    I’m in love with Dulce and I wish she was in everything.

  • SeanP7195 2 years ago

    How does Trevor Noah still have or ever got a show? I mean other than the foreign accent, Obama looks, but seriously, this guy is so unfunny, its funny. His delivery sucks, everything just sucks. I can name 5 people on Youtube doing shows from their garage that are better.

  • zachisebi 2 years ago

    All right, but please don’t get upset over the content of a sexual role play.

  • Betty Giles 2 years ago

    better make sure they not getting paid off to get rid of him!…he held a lot of cards…..

  • Piriathy 2 years ago

    Schneiderman presented himself as an advocate for women, weird, he’s like John Wayne Gacy 0_0 presenting himself as a pillar of the community when really he’s fucked up.

  • Dylan Wickramasinha 2 years ago

    shoutout SRI LANKA

  • Deanna Jackson 2 years ago

    Fifty Shades is complete trash.

  • Culilus 2 years ago

    All it took was a traitorous and criminal organization to capture the White House. America is burning to the ground under Republican and Trumptard leadership because people ALWAYS wait until it’s almost too late before they take action.

  • justsaying 2 years ago

    I sincerely wish they could do something about R Kelly…..his history with women is just awful.

  • MojoRisin 2 years ago

    am i the only one who didn’t find the lady funny? i’ve seen all kinds of american comedy and this wasn’t funny at all.

  • Lancelot2000Lps 2 years ago

    Was it abuse or was it sex games? And the women thinks now she can get money from him?

  • courtney allen 2 years ago

    the “his property” thing could be ok in the right context and consent

  • Unknow101 2 years ago

    “We’ll see who is whipping who” dead

  • Mugiwara no Hana 2 years ago

    4:30 you slay girl!

  • D.J. Stylez410 2 years ago

    Sooooooo………a big opponent of Trump’s legislation and executive orders all of a sudden gets caught up in the #metoo movement? Interesting. And not in a good way.

  • Danite Ghost 2 years ago

    Lol, Muslim chick sleeps with Jew, is surprised when called slave.

  • Jasmine Bautista 2 years ago

    Thank you, Trevor!!!!!

  • Delicia Stevenson 2 years ago

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤???????????? My Bro we’re all bro and sis because every drop of blood started from eve and adam santin built his own .MY GOD TORE SANTIN DOWN NEGRO MEN GET OFF YOUR MOMMA TITTIE IF SHE ALOWS YOU YOU OR HAVE A DAUGHTER THAT has the audacity bring shit like that to me I’m going to jail. Its has happen .JAIL WAS WHERE I WENT I DIDN’T MIND GOING I’M A YOUNG MOM BUT FROM THE OLD SCHOOL I BROUGHT YOU IN THIS WORLD AND HAVE NOW KNOW PROBLEM POSTIN A $ 20,000

  • Johnny Watts 2 years ago

    Lawyers are some violent motha fuckas.

  • Hedgehog's Right of Passage 2 years ago

    ..One of 613 Commandments in G-d’s Torah from 4300 years ago and we Jews still practice today, all my life too, is NEVER to be in a closed door room with any woman other than my wife. Problem was solved by G-d’s Infinite Wisdom. Humans desire to procreate, its normal, but G-D set guidelines.


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