Equifax Hack Facts, Disney’s Fundraiser Fine & A Zoo’s Revenge Roaches | The Daily Show

Published on February 11, 2020

China may be stealing Americans’ information via hacking Equifax and hotels, Disney charges an elementary school for showing “Lion King,” and the Bronx Zoo has the perfect present for your ex. #TheDailyShow



  • Ramona Ray 2 years ago

    Wow why would anyone be cultivated cockroaches! I have plenty here that come out at night! Send me 10 bucks and I’ll name him for you and feed it to my chickens! Jajaja

  • Set2000 2 years ago

    Honestly, Disney is within it’s rights here. It’s not hard to get public performance rights for a film, and elementary schools are public organizations. They should have gotten PPR for the movie in the first place.

  • Edward Mercedes 2 years ago

    I don’t believe nothing coming out of this trump administration, period!

  • Rosemary Williams 2 years ago

    Mickey DON’T play!$$$

  • Hadassa Romeus 2 years ago

    “My money Bitch better have” ?? Am I the only dying over this Yoda joke??

  • SuperbaDD C 2 years ago

    I wish they would’ve done me a favor and boosted my credit. They could’ve had my info ?

  • M K 2 years ago

    “My money bitch better have!” ???

  • Jane Doe 2 years ago

    I believe the DOJ said they believe China is collecting personal data to blackmail Americans in government or other power position to get what they want. I think it’s time for the US to do the same to Russia and China as they do to us if both countries won’t stop trying to steal from/harm America.

  • Matt Stone 2 years ago

    They not beating us at Corona Virus…

  • Erica Cook 2 years ago

    Wonder if the zoo will let you name a cockroach after a coworker. I’ve got one who really neads eaten

  • Diego Kiwi 2 years ago

    China’s economy is slowing especially because of the coronavirus.

  • Mimi Giggles 2 years ago

    I guess the Cockroaches can’t have total world domination if they get fed to the turtles.

  • ZenobiatheAngry BlackWomanRussell 2 years ago

    This is the perfect gift…

  • Jon Cosmo 2 years ago

    Ashamed to say I’m from El Paso LOL

  • Meat Mane 2 years ago

    Well when shit hits the fan and your country promises its citizens as collateral..kinda gotta send my agents to investigate my investment..and when they find out they gon invade

  • Tristan Chuey 2 years ago

    China hacking American but can’t whip up a cure for corona? ???

  • MortyShippuden 2 years ago

    They are probably just taking inventory for when they eventually take over

  • IFURCOOL 2 years ago

    They are obviously lying … we cant believe trump or his goons

  • William FU 2 years ago

    Victim paranoia(US) vs true victim(Other country)

  • Abe Sphere 2 years ago

    Imagine contacting your credit card company to cancel and the voice on the phone says 我们拥有你


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