End The Filibuster, Expand SCOTUS, Pass The John Lewis Voting Rights Act – Charlamagne Tha God

Published on July 27, 2022

Charlamagne Tha God returns to The Late Show to discuss the state of affairs in America’s political life, and the list of things he wishes Democrats would do with their congressional majority. Stick around for more with Charlamagne Tha God and check out his show, “Hell of A Week,” when it premieres this Thursday after “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central. #Colbert #HellofaWeek #CharlamagneThaGod

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  • Charley 1 year ago

    Char , I am over here losing my damn mind over all the blatant corruption going on with our elected officials and act like they are above the damn law, let’s be honest they kinda have been. And yes are one inch from the end. I need to be in that damn Congress so I can end money in politics!

  • Civil Villain 1 year ago

    I’ll just add:
    End the Electoral College. We can all be vetted by technology to vote electronically. If we can file our taxes electronically, we should be able to vote that way… Real representative democracy for the first time ever.

  • SmokeStack 1 year ago

    *_Abolish_* the SCOTUS. It’s not democratic and it never was.

  • Drew Lovelyhell 1 year ago

    I can not respect anybody who refers to themselves as a god. Pride is not a virtue.

  • D.E. Sarcarean 1 year ago

    Charlamagne suggestion to the bad job Democrats are doing? Keep voting Democrat!

  • Keith Pierce 1 year ago

    He’s on point on everything except the vote out the philibuster and expand the courts…ya need the DINO’s vote…Manchin and Sinema are fucking us in the b-hole…those 2 have completely sunk all of our current hopes

  • Jacqui B 1 year ago

    “Democrats have tried every political strategy EXCEPT courage”
    Hot damn, as a New Zealander I could not agree more! He’s right too, they don’t have Manchin and Cinema SO DITCH THEM

  • Elana Schachter 1 year ago

    Or you remove judges who lied in their confirmation hearings!

  • Robert Smith 1 year ago

    End the Filibuster.
    Do Away with the Electoral College.
    Automatic Voter Registration.
    More Supreme Court Judges. . . . with Term Limits.

  • charlidog2 1 year ago

    The gop will end the filibuster immediately after taking the Senate.
    The last three Justices lied in their job interview. Impeach them.
    How cute. He thinks we get to vote FOR people we like. In reality, we vote AGAINST people who want to end democracy.

  • JR Blackstar 1 year ago

    No, Political and Justice Reform is needed and eliminate corruption in politics.
    Eliminating the filibuster in Congress to a simple majority, can work both ways but, yes it needs to go to the wayside. Expanding the United States Supreme Court, not sure about that one. I’m for removing justices that perjure themselves and setting term limits. No lifetime appointments. But the expansion of the SCOTUS would be the alternative if they choose to not remove the defected justices.
    I mean really, they’re just people, they’re not exalted beings of supernatural origins so why are they given such a high status? They were appointed to perform a specific Duty… Not to play God.
    Equality for every American Citizen. They’re not supposed to have a biased opinion that’s politically motivated by religious beliefs. Corruption. One day, they’re going to regret being corrupt.

  • New Message 1 year ago

    As long as Elon isn’t our Tony Stark in that analogy…

  • VieenRennes 1 year ago

    This man is absolutely right. Democrats have struggled with real courage for a while now. They’re the lesser of two evils but still not the leaders we need.

  • Franco Benevento 1 year ago

    Stephen is such a corporate centrist Democrat. Absolutely useless.

  • Vincent 1 year ago

    I’m 60 years old and I may not vote ever again.

  • Carl Kramer 1 year ago

    Why are dumb celebrities giving their opinion on politics when no one cares what they think

  • Photo Genie 1 year ago

    My point exactly why work about Manchin, we’ve never, ever had him. LET HIM GO!


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