Emmy Blotnick Spotted A Mistake In Fifth Harmony’s ‘Sledgehammer’

Published on March 13, 2018

Stand-up comedian Emmy Blotnick noticed an error visible not only in the lyrics of Fifth Harmony’s ‘Sledgehammer,’ but also the title.

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  • KiwiBandit 8 months ago

    She’s depressing

  • notice me senpai 8 months ago

    What’s your zodiac sign guys??? I’m bored 😂

  • Zeluth 8 months ago

    The build up to that end was fantastic.

  • Pavitra Mohan Singh 8 months ago

    She’s just lovely , the way the words rolled out !!

  • Ro G 8 months ago

    It takes a brave person to do this bit your first time on television.

  • Mujtaba ali 8 months ago

    Unlike the past female “comedian”, Emmy did what comedians suppose to do and made me laugh. Keep going young lady !

  • Wilson Solt 8 months ago

    If this hits too close to home, does that mean that I’m depressed?

  • Rishi Ghia 8 months ago

    This is awesome! Stephen should keep getting new comedians

  • Cynical Commenter 8 months ago

    Well she stole the sledgehammer joke nearly verbatim from a buzzfeed article posted 3.5 years ago… https://www.buzzfeed.com/spencerm4d04118bb/fifth-harmony-doesnt-understand-sledgehammers-zg8s?utm_term=.evLRDe4Az#.haKXEdnV4

  • Liyah U 8 months ago

    She looks like skinny Mayim Bialik

  • M B. 8 months ago

    You need to get *DAVID ERMOLD* on your show. He is running in Kentucky against Kim Davis anti-gay marriage county clerk. Also, get *CHRISTIAN PICCIOLINI* (former skinhead) on your show. He is now an author who discusses his past experience in the skinhead group and explains how the alt-right is normalizing hate in America.

  • Lizzy Grant 8 months ago

    I like her

  • Angel FRG 8 months ago

    Its nice that you give the chance to smaller comedians to perform in front of a bigger audience

  • FIONAFINKS 8 months ago

    so uncomfortable…had to stop before 2 mins in

  • Wookien 8 months ago

    she’s like a parody of a bad stand up

  • Media On Display 8 months ago

    cringed the whole time,, ouch

  • Swapnil Shinde 8 months ago

    She partially bombed

  • Joe Smith 8 months ago

    That was truly cringe worthy.

  • Krystof Dayne 8 months ago

    Man I really like the self-deprecating style, that’s always good for some laughs, and I think she seems like a really cool person, kinda adorkable, but she I think she goes too far with the whole self-deprecating, if that’s true what she’s saying, she must not enjoy her life that much ^^’ I really hope for her sake that her life is not that depressing… anyway still made me laugh a lot, mostly because of her personality, and I really rarely (for some reason I really can’t figure out) like female stand-up comedians. But her, if she takes it maybe down a tiny notch with the depressing stuff, I think she could be really great

  • C.Wallace 8 months ago

    Lol that was pretty funny


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