Emmanuel Acho on Uncomfortable Conversations About Race & Working with Oprah

Published on November 11, 2020

Emmanuel talks about meeting Oprah, partnering with her to publish his new book “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man,” celebrating his 30th birthday, getting a call from Matthew McConaughey, growing up in a Nigerian household, race and football compared to race in America, and the importance of having uncomfortable conversations.

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  • Mouza A 2 years ago

    Hi I’m a new subscriber

  • Matthattan Beats 2 years ago

    I’m gonna read this book ✊🏽 thank u

  • QTG 2 years ago

    *He has features of Terry Crews. Look at his eyes and forehead area and then search up Terry Crews.*

  • turito5 2 years ago

    good work Acho hope to meet you one day inspire

  • Vishal Mishra 2 years ago

    He somehow looks like the mixture of all black comedians.

  • Manny Gutierrez 2 years ago

    7:57 That’s some new motivation for me

  • PSway 05 2 years ago

    Such an amazing man, Emmanuel Acho is is what the world needs to heal itself

  • Jason Tutt 2 years ago

    I love this. I love what you talk about. I think this is so needed for everyone. I think this is a major stepping stone for our Coming Together as a people. It pains me to see where we are at this time but with the right Education, the right Conversation, the right mind creation, “We Shall Overcome.” I Thank You.

  • FRJT_ Blood_N_Water 2 years ago

    06:07 to 07:13 Couldn’t have said it any better. 👑🙏☑️Thank you.

  • Nan ‘59 2 years ago

    I’m been watching Emmanuel since his first video! I Love 💕 Learning! ✌🏻 ✌🏻 ✌🏻

  • Ravi Peiris 2 years ago

    Very impressive man

  • Trina Robinson 2 years ago

    HAPPY Birthday Acho🤜🏾🤛🏾

  • Walter K Bauer 2 years ago

    So one time at football camp he realized that American Blacks are just as racist as Whites.

  • A Vagina With Vitamins In It 2 years ago

    The common enemy is the government.
    If something happens to this man you know the CIA killed him. PROTECT ACHO AT ALL COSTS!!

  • Brad Prescott 2 years ago

    Right on! Healing and Enlightenment are first a Personal experience, then a Community Conversation, adding to the collective Human experiences.
    Giving people the space to share their conscience experiences with living their unique story, needs to be the norm, as traumatic as it is, we owe it to those who have suffered.

  • Marlene Mounce 2 years ago

    Excellent 🔥🌹

  • Go Getter 2 years ago

    Love how Emmanuel Acho broke away from a little ESPN gig to blaze his own path with his show and book. Well done!

  • Lloyd B 2 years ago

    If you haven’t seen his channel please check it out. He’s bringing very important topics that everyone should discuss.

  • Jurgita Bernatavičiūtė 2 years ago

    Great interview. Jimmy has a tendency to interrupt his guests and talk over them a bit sometimes, but this time around he didn’t not interrupt Emmanuel nor talked over him. Real’ cool 💜

  • Sinstarus Lunas 2 years ago

    So handsome….💘


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