Elon’s Terrible Plan for Twitter, Herschel Turns Abortion Scandal into Money Maker & Goodbye TikTok?

Published on November 2, 2022

It was a harrowing day of rain here in LA, the wind in London blew giant holiday ornaments down the street, people are setting up their Christmas decorations way too early, a Texas furniture salesman named Mattress Mack put 10 million dollars on the World Series and got a not so warm welcome from Philly fans, American workers are slacking on the job more than ever before, employees at Twitter have been working twelve hour shifts to meet the deadlines established by their new terrible owner Elon Musk, one of the commissioners at the FCC is calling on the Federal Government to ban TikTok over concerns that China could be getting their hands on our private information, Herschel Walker is turning his issues into business ideas, a Sheriff’s department in Lake County, Ohio is under fire for the Halloween costumes they put on their horses, and our new edition of “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy!”


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  • Timothy Patch 11 months ago

    Great another bad comedian who is a spokesperson for a political party

  • Diddly-Dee 11 months ago

    the rain is not in the south. its 83 degrees and the mississippi river is drying up.

  • Tashnah TV 11 months ago

    I was most afraid for the little man who said absolutely nothing. He just sat there contemplating life.

  • YouVikeThat? 11 months ago

    Stay salty commies twitter is now freeeeeee

  • PCz4the birds 11 months ago

    As far as musk goes .. the way the right side of the isle and it’s pundits on YouTube and Twitter fawn over him taking over Twitter, should show everyone with a brain that Republicans and billionaires are on the same side. On the other side, it’s the rest of us

  • Grant Pannewitz 11 months ago

    Everything positive happening in the world is connected to Tesla (Battery driven vehicles), Starlink – (Satellite Internet Helping Ukraine, costing Elon Musk 310 million dollars per month), SpaceX – (Helping to develop intercontinental security missiles and defence systems to protect all Americans (Left or Right) from a possible attack from China, Russia and North Korai, now Twitter -FRE SPEECH, “NOT BAD FOR ONE PERSON ” , maybe the presenter and guests should start becoming more “POSSITIVE”, “PRAIZING” and “ENTHUSIASTIC” people, life is short.

  • GrumpyGrebo 11 months ago

    Elon is improving Twitter by crashing it into the ground.

  • Roger Caldwell 11 months ago

    Can you be funny without politics?

  • Michael Coe 11 months ago

    Mate, have some Australian rain, ’cause we’re fucken’ sick of it!

  • BobsBuurgers 11 months ago

    “No clue as to why average Americans are deciding to do The bare minimum at work…” Well, they say the economy is soooo terrible none of us can get a raise yet millionaires have no problem gambling 10 million on baseball… Seems to me taxes need to be *raised* on anyone with this gross of amount of excess who gambles instead of paying taxes and employees fair wages. If you have 10 million to gamble you don’t get to complain about gas prices or inflation and still keep your dignity. Extreme wealth creates disgusting people.

  • HeyMimi 11 months ago

    It may be time to retire this Halloween tradition.

  • wonder rob 11 months ago

    Hurting children for laughs is as funny as a crutch and disgusting

  • stephen bouchelle 11 months ago

    The lack of decoration for Thanksgiving is one of the nice things about it. The only decoration should be corn on the door and construction paper turkey hands on the elementary school bulletin board.


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