Elon Musk’s Twitter Plans, Biden Warns of Democracy Threats: Late Night’s News of the Week

Published on November 4, 2022

All the news and jokes you missed from the week of October 31.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Andrew Barratt 1 year ago

    I always wait until the weekly compilation.

  • Sydney Storm 1 year ago

    You Rule Seth!!!

  • Katherine 1 year ago

    Am I bonkers but what the MAGAs are doing to democracy reminds me of Billy Bob Thornton in that scene where he talks about his sling blade (I call it a Kaiser blade) mmmhmmm….scary stuff but not Billy Bob’s fault. Brilliant movie. Maybe I been smoking too much.

  • dskwared2u 1 year ago

    I confess, I keep the thermostat on 78 and I totally got the Cocoon reference right away. Also, there’s no Dunkin Donuts it’s just Dunkin.

  • Jason Carney 1 year ago

    Hey MAGA Filth, make sure you vote on November 12th!!!!

  • 16driver16 1 year ago

    The thermostat at 78 in a cold place costs alot… however if you live in a hot climate, 78 would be conservative

  • PAPAAAAAAA!!! 1 year ago

    I live in sad times. A giant part of the US is Nuts, believing nonsense Stories made up by an notorious liar.
    Russia turned into a new Nutsiregime, willing to bring War back to Europe.
    China got a new Mao Zeping.
    Our planet looses more and more species and nature reserves.

    But hey, Elon Musk is bringing us gasless Cars and Space Trav…wait…he did what?
    He said WHAT???
    He supports WHO???

    Oh fcuc, I give up.


  • Kevin Alger 1 year ago

    *Don’t sleep on it… this is a time to invest i recently just bought another property valued at over $10m. I wish I knew the right investment firm to invest with earlier, better late than never thought*

  • Leanne Vande Kew 1 year ago

    Trump never liked White Castle because he never understood chess.

    Sadly, Burger King was his third choice for burgers, because he was from Queens.

    Trump’s second favorite burger was Jack in the Box, because Jack was short for his middle name.

    Trump liked McDonald’s because he thought it was named after him.
    (and his mother was from Scotland.)

    In and Out (burgers) kind of parallels his presidential term though.
    parallels his relations with Stormy too.

    Trump’s administration never maintained employment of more than Five Guys.

    Trump never went to A&W for burgers because the alphabet confuses him.


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