Elon Musk Wants To Fire Donald Trump Into Space

Published on September 29, 2016

Tickets for the trip to Mars will cost 10 billion dollars per person, which coincidentally is the amount Donald Trump claims as his net worth.

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  • Why you gotta go there 4 years ago

    The problem with trump is not just him. You can not elect him, but that
    won’t help much. It’s his supporters. Just look at some of the the things
    they believe. You think the wall on the border is crazy? 31 percent of
    Donald Trump supporters would be in favor of building a wall along the
    Atlantic Ocean in order to keep Muslims from entering the U.S. from the
    Middle East as shown by Pubic Policy Polling.

    Here are a few more of the things they believe. Including Public Policy
    Polling, and Reuters/Ipsos polls

    87% of trump supporters want to ban all Muslims
    62% of Trump voters are in favour of a national database of Muslims
    49%of trump supporters view blacks as more violent than whites:
    41% of trump supporters want to bomb Agrabah, the fake city from Aladdin(of
    course they didn’t know that, sadly not many Americans did) which means as
    long as something sounds Muslim it should be bombed
    40% of trump supporters said black people are more lazy than white people
    Only 44% of Trump voters think Islam should be legal in the United States
    40% back shutting down all the mosques in the United States
    38% of Trump voters say they wish the South had won the Civil War
    30% of trump supporters want to ban gay people
    16% of trump supporters think white people are the Superior race(and that’s
    how many were open about it)

    Not hard to believe coming from the kind of people that call Muslims
    terrorists all day, and Mexicans rapists all day. I hope when voting day
    comes these people don’t end up thinking America is theirs. The damage is
    already done though mates, this atmosphere is in your country.

  • chrisgr2013 4 years ago

    I also wanna banish Hillary back to the bottomless hell pit where she came
    from, but we can’t have everything we wish for in life…

  • Logan Reeder 4 years ago

    Anybody else watch the entire advertisement !?

  • supershinigami1 4 years ago

    So all the online polls show that Trump won because Trump supporters on
    Reddit and so on spammed these polls like crazy so online polls are not to
    be believed.
    The more accurate polls show Hillary as a winner though as they should.
    Nobody who thinks that Trump won in this debate can be a sane person.

  • 郑星略 4 years ago

    Anyone notice that the trump videos are always have the highest view
    everyday? Lol

  • Salar Kalantari 4 years ago

    Jon Batiste, please shut up during Stephen Colbert’s monologues. It’s so
    annoying and more importantly you’re ruining Stephen Colbert’s great

  • MUSTangGRAD2011 4 years ago

    I’m guessing that they couldn’t fit ‘Make Pluto a Planet Again’ on the hat

  • The nintendude 4 years ago

    How would Trump know the woman’s weight….

  • NeistatTV 4 years ago

    Actually the cost per person is something around 200,000$ and 10billion

  • Nick Schafer 4 years ago

    What was the name for that sperm app? I’m asking for a good friend of mine.

  • KingOfMadCows 4 years ago

    Launch Trump into space? What has space ever done to earth to deserve that
    kind of punishment?

  • Mark Conrad 4 years ago

    4 yrs of solid comedic material on deck

  • kebi man 4 years ago

    joke was worth it

  • optimine 4 years ago

    Take this knowing I’m saying it light-heartedly but in all earnestness:
    The world we live on is not a globe. That sounds strange but it’s true.
    The entire concept of “space” has been essentially made up. The sky is
    filled with things that are completely not what we were told. We are
    absolutely in a “Truman Show” type world. I am not kidding and I know how
    crazy it may sound! The oceans are level. The world is not a sphere!
    Check out the “flat earth”.

  • Francisco L 4 years ago

    Donald Drumpf being technically obese might make him more relatable to
    Americans lol #NeverTrump

  • Seth Hydra 4 years ago

    Where are my body positivity activists / feminists at? Now this is an
    ACTUAL MISOGYNISTIC PIG. Do your stuff! Mobilize! You have my full support

  • michael gerald 4 years ago

    Trump has no right to shame women for their bodies when he himself is no
    lou ferrigno!

  • shahida begum 4 years ago

    Stephen is great on his own but Jon gives him that extra musical umph that
    we all love. Jon Batiste is a gem so all you haters can just shaddap.

  • izzad ibrahim 4 years ago

    10 billion as of now, 500k when the system became fully reusable. 140k when
    multiple launches took place.

  • Sci 4 years ago

    Subtitles are Completely off sync… sorry, but i do need them sometimes..


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