Elliot Page – “The Umbrella Academy,” Real-Life Superpowers & VR Workouts | The Daily Show

Published on June 24, 2022

“We have to get back to saving the world.” Elliot Page opens up about how Season 3 of “The Umbrella Academy” incorporates his transition into the show’s story line, what superpower he would use for good in real life, and how virtual reality helps him stay fit. #DailyShow #Comedy



  • Chance Namz 9 months ago

    I love the daily show Trevor.. you are the most talented comedian from Southern Africa…..
    I hope you will interview me one day, when I finally achieve my dreams of being the first musician from Zambia to perform at O2 area that’s sold out…
    keep it up..

  • Anna Kathryn Hodges 9 months ago

    Two of my favorite people!

  • Susanna Austin 9 months ago

    It is such a shame. Page looks diseased and withered.

  • Pamela Perron 9 months ago

    Slid over here after seeing this linked in a Supernatural fitness group. Great interview on many levels. Elliot seems genuinely delightful.

  • Payton Turner 9 months ago

    Best interview ever done 👍👍

  • Apex Gold 9 months ago

    Is he transitioning back into a man?


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