Ellen Pompeo on Grey’s Anatomy Shocker, Patrick Dempsey Return & Terrible Wikipedia Photo

Published on November 13, 2020

Ellen talks about the crazy ending to tonight’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” the return of Patrick Dempsey, the origin of the word Va-jay-jay, Jimmy’s influence on her family’s quarantine, and because there is a terrible photo on her Wikipedia page, Jimmy helps her change it as a belated birthday gift.

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  • Vedant Chandel 11 months ago

    I wrote every single word of Pompeo’s wiki people, check out the page history! Someone’s tell Jimmy (or Pompeo!!!) that. 😆

  • Greg Buster 11 months ago

    Funny thing is, Oprah Winfrey yelled “My vah-jay-jay hurts!” when she was parasailing on her show with her best friend Gayle King in the mid-2000’s. She found the parasail harness to be rather…uncomfortable. 😆

  • Isha khan 11 months ago

    Can Amazon prime hurry tf up and update Greys Anatomy! UK viewer here 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Walt Park 11 months ago

    I’m glad you are not trashing president trump… if you continue you will lose my entire family

  • Samugi -H- 11 months ago

    They changed the first picture on the wiki page as well haha

  • Gday mates 11 months ago

    Hahahahaha I just checked her Wikipedia. Someone changed the bad picture to her main picture. So funny.

  • Anica Olivier 11 months ago

    Some idiot has now gone and changed the main photo to the dodgy one…. lol

  • Greg Buster 11 months ago

    Just checked wikipedia…still has the bad photo showing. 😆

  • Angela Vinocur 11 months ago


  • Christina Buckholt 11 months ago

    Shes gotta be drunk or high in this interview hahaha

  • Ally Rise 11 months ago

    I’m pretty sure that Patrick comes back for like two episodes and goes away because Meredith collapsed in the parking lot so she’s probably gonna wake up and Derek isn’t there ( sorry for spoiler ) I actually didn’t know they premiered two episodes that night cause I checked when the third episode would premiere It’s November 19??
    Btw: I freaking cried when I saw Derek 💀

  • Alternative Spicer 11 months ago

    If Patrick Dempsey had gained 60 pounds, he would still be McDreamy with extra 60 pounds of McDreaminess

  • Choco Ball 11 months ago

    ugggh everyone wants merder as endgame !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • waqqashanafi 11 months ago

    She reminds me of half the teachers I ever had during school.

  • Avichal bobsandvegana 11 months ago

    Can’t the grey Sloan hospital staff sleep with someone outside of their workplace
    Mer and derek
    Cristina and Burke
    Cristina and hunt
    Jo and karev
    Jo and Jackson
    Mer and Andrew
    Addison and Karev
    Addison and Mark
    Mark and Lexie
    Lexie and George
    George and Callie
    Karev and izzie
    Derek and rose
    Maggie and Jackson
    Amelia and link
    Bailey and Ben
    April and Jackson

    I could go on and on about the couples

  • juan sandoval 11 months ago

    This show plummeted to the ground when they lost Christina Yang and Derek Shepherd. This is the last thing they can do to get their ratings up. It is too late Shonda, you had a good run.

  • Vivek Kumar 11 months ago

    Laal kakka teen ta chiz aae jhelu aab. Naah gaer.

  • Ximena Parra 11 months ago


  • Celine Ysabelle 11 months ago

    ellen’s really cute when she giggled here, istg idk why but she’s really like some kind of sunshine in this vid or smth

  • Zzz Ep 11 months ago

    Maybe Cristina will want to return from Switzerland to help save Meredith!


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