Ellen Pays Tribute to Her Late Father

Published on January 11, 2018

Ellen paid tribute to her late father Elliott, and talked about an unmistakable sign over the Warner Bros. studio lot.

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  • Joe Anthony 2 years ago

    Ellen my darling, I feel like I just need to say this, I lost my 12 year old daughter to Leukemia. At first, I felt I lost myself, my insides, my life. After sometime, I would always notice these butterflies always around me and I caught on to it. They were always yellows small butterflies, ( all the time), my daughters favorite things were yellow butterflies. I realized, my daughter went to a better place, I have to still wait until HE’S ready for me. I kinda stopped being so sad, and started to know that my child will always be with me. Same with your father, he’s always right next to you. We live in a frantic society filled with so much bad, my daughter has it made, next with the angels and always in GOD’S presence. I apologize, but even writing this to you, a little sadness does affect me , because we miss them dearly. I’ll stop here with this, your father always has and always will love and protect you, I gotta go wipe my eyes now. We love you Ellen. Thank you.

  • BOB money 2 years ago

    My condolences Ellen. You made him as proud as any father could be!

  • Sharee Baker 2 years ago

    Rip Elliot ??

  • Jolly Rancher 2 years ago

    I’m so sorry Ellen. Stay strong and just know that your father loves and supports you no matter what. I’ll send prayers.

  • Neverland Mods 2 years ago

    He was a christian, good man, follow god and follow the bible, grow up to be a great person, dont leave course and pray for others

  • Christopher Edwards 2 years ago

    Prayers for you Ellen!

  • demi tran 2 years ago

    Ellen your a strong woman I love you❤️

  • Quinn A 2 years ago

    Sending love to you and your family, Ellen❤️

  • LillyD TV 2 years ago

    My thoughts are with you and your family. Cool to see that rainbow also.?

  • Linda Van 2 years ago

    Bless your heart ?

  • 김린하 2 years ago

    I’m so sorry ellen we love you.. keep your chin up please♡

  • Princess Lexi 2 years ago

    Aww Ellen I’m so sorry for ur lost u are in my prayers

  • Rocio Garcia 2 years ago

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you Ellen and family?❤ we love you!!

  • 1DKidrxuhl 2 years ago

    I love you Ellen. We’re all here for you. RIP. ❤️?

  • Arctic Edge 2 years ago

    I’m sorry for your loss Ellen! My family and I send our love to you ❤️

  • Mr Tony 2 years ago

    Srry ellen lve you alwys. ✌❤?

  • YoAntoNeo 2 years ago

    Aww Ellen, my condolences ?…but at least she got to say goodbye and get a rainbow. I’m glad her father got to live a long life and got to see her succeed by being herself ??

  • Mycroft Holmes 2 years ago

    Oh no… that’s ok Ellen… you’re one step closer to becoming batman…

  • Anamika Thakur 2 years ago

    thank you

  • GTR Wendy 2 years ago

    My dad tried to kill me… Should I tribute?


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