Ellen Page Talks “Freeheld” And LGBT Progress

Published on September 30, 2015

Ellen Page stopped by to talk about her latest film “Freeheld,” and give some insight into how hearts and minds have changed regarding the LGBT community.

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  • Joey Goldberg 5 years ago


  • BoBoMAD 5 years ago

    people giving applause because you’re gay what a world we live in.

  • a martinez 5 years ago

    Why believe in things that you know aren’t true?

  • dmbkersh 5 years ago

    Ellen seems to be one of the kindest person in this interview.

  • A D 5 years ago


  • 55sombreroman 5 years ago

    i’m gay pls clap

  • cassidy slusher 5 years ago

    I liked Colbert better when he was an asshole.

  • vickmackey24 5 years ago

    As a selfish heterosexual male, I really wish all lesbians were ugly. Damn
    you, Ellen. :(

  • Coregame3 5 years ago

    Ellie from The Last of Us*

  • Budger 5 years ago

    Ellen is just the kind of person you want to hug all the time. :)

  • Yekay yeke 5 years ago

    Man…….I could land a plane on her forehead…..just miles and miles of
    runway ✈️ ?

  • deadclock7 5 years ago


  • Microfoot 5 years ago

    Matt Damon hates this video.

  • Mads D 5 years ago

    Ellen seems so smart; she is very articulate. I would be proud to have
    someone like her to represent the LGBT community.

  • Johnson Taylor 5 years ago

    Juliane Moore is too old to be munching on a lady sandwich.

  • Joshua Marsella 5 years ago

    Is it Freeheld or Freehold?

  • Jensen Bell 5 years ago

    I was getting so sick of all the god-pope stuff… and I really like what
    Colbert says at 3:57

  • Tom Lee 5 years ago

    I love Stephen. I adore Ellen. This interview is great.

  • joseph4861 5 years ago

    Hard Candy is a great little movie.

  • Steve Robinson 5 years ago

    I love Colbert and everything..
    but this network can kiss my fucking ass.
    Uploaded a minute and a half of the interview with Bernie Sanders..
    and never made that episode available on demand,
    even though every other episode was available.
    I’m guessing it was CBS’s ignorant bought out decision..
    Probably bought out by Hillary.
    Just like Larry Wilmore who made the interview with Sanders into one big
    Literally interrupting him every time he started to discuss his policies,
    for a “bit” joking about the dumb simpletons who interrupted him from BLM.
    Now, can you imagine if he did that to Hillary?
    Yeah.. didn’t think so.
    Colbert’s interview with Sanders was professional and he gave him the
    spotlight he desperately needs.
    That is why i’m still fucking pissed they made that (Late Show) interview
    soo hard to view.
    Even though they upload damn near full interviews of people like Amy
    Schumer to Jeb Bush.
    Even Ted fucking Cruz.
    Eat shit CBS.

  • Live2Laugh 5 years ago

    Movie is Called “Freeheld”

  • guitarguy84 5 years ago

    Another example of Hollywood making a young girl have a much older love

  • vertasd 5 years ago

    colbert is love
    colbert is life :D

  • Autumn Henderson-Brazie 5 years ago

    this is why I love Colbert. he can pivot expertly from comedy to heartfelt
    or intellectual conversation. this whole interview is awesome, BTW.

  • zev piro 5 years ago

    The movie looks gay asf. XD

  • D.E. Brown 5 years ago

    This shit is a joke! I’m so sick of gay people acting so damn serious about
    their bullshit cause. Nobody cares. It’s legal for gays to get married,
    shut up already.

  • fuad fudo 5 years ago


  • fuad fudo 5 years ago

    she kinda looks like ingrid nelsen

  • jeremypascall 5 years ago

    She sounds like she is going to break down any second lol

  • prashant bhatia 5 years ago

    People in the United States are very fortunate that they can have such a
    detailed, smart and honest discussion about LGBT rights, equality and its
    importance. I hope every American who is watching this, values
    their society and country knowing LGBT people in many countries worldwide
    are suffering from the lack of basic human rights, something you all are
    privileged with. Thanks #LNSC for posting this and having a sensible talk
    over a crucial topic.

  • restlessheartsyndrome 5 years ago

    Date me Ellen 🙂 x

  • playdude92 5 years ago

    As Ellen Page is naturally charming and likable, she´d make a great
    spokesperson for anything. As she appears genuine, considerate and
    vulnerable she is the perfect mirror image of typical public personas.

    Also kudos to Stephen for keeping a straight face asking completely asinine
    questions; “Is there blood running in the streets?” What-?

  • 4hpook 5 years ago

    “Freeheld”, not “Freehold”. Sheesh.

  • li Cecile 5 years ago

    Julianne moore and Ellen paige, what a great casting.

  • Sandra Carrera 5 years ago

    It´s “Freeheld” .__.

  • Adib Riazati 5 years ago

    This kind of insight is what you want in a potential spouse.

  • george gio 5 years ago

    i’m like ellen in social situations,people think i’m weird,i love nerds and
    ”hard candy” is my kind of movie and i love jessie eisenberg,michael cera
    and mia wasikowska,soo…

  • Scare Yourself 5 years ago

    I will never understand discrimination against gays. Who cares?? You don’t
    like two dudes banging. Fine. That’s your right. Why do you have to go out
    of your way to make sure those two dudes can’t be happy? I just don’t get
    it. I can barely take care of all the things in my own life. I can’t
    imagine hating other people so much that I’m going to spend my own time and
    energy to make sure they are not allowed to do certain things. It’s so
    bizarre to me.

  • Trombonesses 5 years ago

    It’s ok believing in things that aren’t true, because truth is just a
    arrangement 🙂 Even math is sometimes wrong when it’s true. The set of all
    sets, that are not element of itselves, is not an element of itself, is it?
    So, to ask whether something is really true or really exists, is just a
    question of how we want to arrange our speech. If you belief in something,
    that isn’t that conventional, you may simply have problems with speaking to
    others, but if it doesn’t matter to you, it should be ok^^

  • Gabrielle “gabby2405” Valiquette 5 years ago

    She too cute :3 omg her acent :0

  • mustardsfire22 5 years ago

    I love Ellen Page sm.

  • Lucy Q 5 years ago

    Whenever I remember that Ellen Page exists I get really happy

  • dabidoe 5 years ago

    I would love to watch her and Julianne Moore go at it!

  • Nava5ha7 5 years ago

    Love Ellen Page! She smiles a lot more, since coming out.

  • Cornelius Maximillianus 5 years ago

    Hollywood’s age choice for couples, one is 25 other one is 60

  • Nick Unseth 5 years ago

    Where’s the hamburger phone Page!!!!!!

  • Carol Eblen 5 years ago

    Was Ellen Page always a Lesbian? When she was in the closet, did she have
    relationships with men? CBS loves the Gays, Lesbians, Bi-sexual and
    Transgender people whose deviant sexuality is now celebrated on the big
    networks and likes to push their movies, etc.. to the public. Isn’t this
    irresponsible of CBS without some attempt to educate the public about the
    dangers of deviant sexual practices? How about some insight on the 31.6
    BILLION Dollar AIDS/HIV budget for 2016?

  • Muhis Yare 5 years ago

    Stop hating on gay people just because they are different

  • Mike V 5 years ago

    Kudos to Stephen for letting his guests speak and only interrupting when
    necessary in a good coversation.

  • juffan 5 years ago

    Skip to 6:30 for the best part

  • Nomoredrama2000 5 years ago

    Aww I love her!

  • Fuloqwam 5 years ago

    Never thought I’d ever hear Stephen freakin’ Colbert mention my
    snow-encased hometown. Let alone pronounce it perfectly.

  • RKAddict101 5 years ago

    What the hell is Colbert talking about? He believes stuff he thinks isn’t

    I get this is a comedy show, and he’s trying to be funny, but stuff like
    that is just incoherent nonsense. Even if Colbert said what he said in
    jest, he’s not belittling the Christian community who do believe certain
    things they think aren’t crazy.


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