Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign Reenergized After Her Epic Takedown Of Bloomberg At Nevada Debate

Published on February 25, 2020

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign is enjoying a surge of fresh energy after she tore apart her rival Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the Democratic debate in Nevada. #Colbert #Comedy #LSSC

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  • Soon Forgot 2 years ago

    I was hoping for a younger more in touch candidate but Bernie is better than most options we have. So sadly old and white is what we get. Not a high bar but much better than trump.

  • Projectile 2 years ago

    Attacking Mike Bloomburg for his height is like attacking Jeffrey Dahmer for not using a napkin. In all honesty though, how is it any better than fat shaming, possibly worse because height is outside of his control. Vote Bernie Sanders! Warren is a lying flipflop!

  • Constant Chaos 2 years ago

    Im sorry, both Warren and Bloomberg will never be president, can we please just get some unbiased coverage of Bernie’s wins?

  • An Po 2 years ago

    Is it just me, or has Colbert been getting dumber about politics in recent years?

  • Francis Srečko Fabian 2 years ago

    Maybe the steps were too high for him to get his legs on stage?

  • LordSlag 2 years ago

    Yeah, she just ROCKETED up to…Fifth Place. She played the cunt card on Bernie and got torched for it. Bye bye.

  • Anonymous Reviewer 2 years ago

    I dont like Bloomberg, and I’m not short, but those short jokes gotta stop, it’s the same as black jokes or gay jokes, dont fuck with people over things they cant control.

  • Julie Ahn 2 years ago

    LOL Colbert actually posted an NDA on his website. It says, “I promise to watch your jokes, but not tell anybody if I don’t like your jokes. And I know this is a joke that I am signing right now.”

  • Malte Degener 2 years ago

    tfw that website actually exists and is a good laugh.

    Service commend: colbertlateshow.com/nda

  • Scott McGrath 2 years ago

    Tfw u need a break from TikTok so u watch an actual man with actual talent

  • 1sm08 2 years ago

    After her masterful debate performance, anyone who says Warren can’t beat tRump is just blowing smoke. #Warren2020

  • rivere 2 years ago

    Not on Warren’s side anymore. She is just a mean lady. Needs to focus on the positive

  • JasonTheWorldisYours 2 years ago

    Warren has come in like 4 place in all the contest. Time to drop out

  • Costa Karras 2 years ago

    Bloomberg the Jeffery Epstein of politics. He got hanged by a woman is the difference.

  • Breeze Darkstorm 2 years ago

    SHE’s got my vote.

  • Manonsilvermountain 2 years ago

    with all due respect, an agenda of desperate attempt to hide front runner of primary under the curtain, yet wearing shades won’t turn off the sunshine.

  • Luigi Oppedisano 2 years ago

    So it’s ok to make fun of short people now? Just asking

  • Ian Baker 2 years ago

    Warren energized her campaign with a super PAC, and steven Colbert had a lot to say about those back in the day

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : 2 years ago

    I saw a comment saying Bloomberg was a “Human Piñata”.
    Although Warren had the biggest bat, her campaign will continue to struggle, due to her continual lies and attacks on Bernie and his supporters. Warren is also taking Super PAC money, despite saying she wouldn’t (she lied).

  • Mohammed Azar 2 years ago

    Wow not even a word about the winner Bernie. Steven is a shill!!!!


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