Elizabeth Warren Spills The Beans About Her Love Life

Published on October 5, 2019

What are the Democratic presidential candidates up to? Joe Biden is busy brushing off Rudy Giuliani’s allegations, Andrew Yang is skateboarding around backstage at his rallies, and Elizabeth Warren is revealing all about her romance with her husband Bruce. Stephen Colbert covers all of these stories in this edition of ‘Doin’ It Donkey Style.’ #Colbert #Democrats #Monologue

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  • MrGurrenlemfox 1 year ago

    warren is hillary 1/2 it is gonna be 2016 again but much worse. stop fooling yourself dnc. pick other candidate

  • arcemedies macdonald 1 year ago

    Wow, It’s a sad day when everyone hates the USA. Used to be different. Guess stuff changes.

  • railspony 1 year ago

    Poor Ghouliani, nobody can ever remember his name.

  • Steffie183 1 year ago

    Warren reminds me so much of my mom. Looks like my mom, but blonde, and when asked what first drew her to my dad she would always say “He had a nice butt!” We later found pictures of the back of my dad. When asked why she took a pic of the back of his head, she said she didn’t. She was taking pictures of his butt ?

  • Ben Lutz 1 year ago

    Oh Stephen! You completely blew off the joke about Mr Mann actually being ATTACKED by Joe Biden’s parakeet!? (his left hand looks like a soccer ball made of bandages)

  • World's Netizen 1 year ago

    ???the end, i’m dead???

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : 1 year ago

    I believe it’s “Rudy Colludey”.

  • Rebecca Black 1 year ago

    Will Trump be impeached or not what your view? And can he be able to run again in 2020 or not? And will Trump win again as a impeached president in 2020 election And win again?I didn’t think Trump Will be impeached but what is your view do you think Trump will be impeached or not?

  • saultube44 1 year ago

    “hehehe Because she will break your hand if you don’t support her, like she did with me hehehe” *looks at her in an uncomfortable scared way xD

  • Scott Barnett 1 year ago

    Warren and Mann are fucking adorable together.

  • Juan Vilchez 1 year ago

    ‘Rudy rudy bo budy banana fanna fo fudy’

  • TyrranicalT-Rad 1 year ago

    Rudy Ghoulie Giuliani

  • Enzo Rocha 1 year ago

    After all the ribbing you give him Stephen, you gotta have Andrew Yang over.

  • Benzaiten 1 year ago

    Imagine how great it’ll be once an adult is in the WH once more!
    I can not wait – everyone MUST go out and vote blue.

  • sean gleason 1 year ago

    i dont know how i feel about that answer to be honest …..im still for warren but its just a bit unsettling when you hear
    reporter: when did you know you were in love?
    bruce warren: first time i saw her.
    elizabeth warren: day 4 i saw him in shorts
    i get that its suppose to be a joke …..i think? i dunno lol that was sorta as cringy as the pokemon go to the polls joke. but all that aside. id still vote for her. better then a nut case with a broke bank account.

  • Dmickels 1 year ago

    Andrew Yang for President 2020!

  • Un Known 1 year ago

    Unfortunately, the dnc Democratic national comittee is rigged and has Biden going against trump. Remember last election. Bernie would have mopped the floor with trump but he got blackballed. I hate to say it but trump will get re-elected. Bernie or yang will beat trump. Biden stands no chance. Let me hear it fellas.

  • K Kranberry 1 year ago

    Yang rocks!

  • nachowarrior1 1 year ago

    If you could have any previous president, dead or alive, lead us once again in the modern world, who would you choose?

  • baggie slate 1 year ago

    Disappointed not to hear about a lime green strap-on.


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