Elizabeth Warren Reveals the Reason Behind Her Tearful Exchange with a Young Voter

Published on December 4, 2019

Senator Elizabeth Warren explains the painful memories behind her unexpected emotional reaction to a teen supporter who asked her a personal question during an Iowa town hall campaign event.

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  • Kameron Owens 6 months ago

    Her Medicare For All role put is horrible guys we need to vote for Bernie this election

  • Jimmy Swenson 6 months ago

    Warren is full of crap. There are only three honest people in the election, Bernie, Yang, and Tulsi. Bernie 2020.

  • brrnay 6 months ago


  • Cin 6 months ago

    Yang or Bernie are the best presidential candidates out of all of them.

  • Top Dog 6 months ago

    Dumb bitch! Women leaders are weak, all the countries with female leaders are going to shit. Look what that bitch Merkel has done to Europe

  • J 6 months ago

    Don’t need a grandma in the oval office thanks. Lets get a relevant generation in there please.

  • J J Escalera 6 months ago

    Damn no one wants to be on the show anymore lol

  • Joseph 6 months ago


  • Shashwat mishra 6 months ago

    Bernie 2020
    Warren voted for Trump’s military budget and doesn’t support m4 a

  • Marcos Luna 6 months ago


  • Sla V 6 months ago

    Could’ve asked her why she back peddled on Medicare for all

  • MrManifolder 6 months ago

    I used to respect Warren, but she has the strategic instincts of a tin can. She’s repeatedly demonstrated that her fear of bad optics will lead her into political trap after political trap.
    – Trump tricked her into taking that idiotic DNA test
    – The media tricked her into a regressive headtax to fund her “Medicare for All” plan because she was too afraid to say “yes, taxes will go up for the middle class, but most of them will end up with more money in their pockets because of the reduced price of healthcare”
    – Her corporate friends tricked her into backing off of Medicare for All and releasing a completely unworkable 2-phase plan where she won’t even attempt to go for single-payer until AFTER the next primaries (when her technocratic approach will guarantee that she’s spent all her political capital)

    She’s not prepared to lead, but Bernie Sanders is.

    *”But the essence of my politics, and I think Alexandria’s [Ocasio-Cortez] as well, is that we need an ongoing grassroots movement of millions of people to pressure Congress, to pressure the corporate establishment, so that we can bring about the changes that this country desperately needs. So that’s why I have said that I will not only be commander-in-chief, I’m gonna be organizer-in-chief.”* – Bernie Sanders https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRJ2fjzN7pw&feature=youtu.be&t=372

    Any other approach will give us 10 more years of lost progress, like we saw during the Obama years. We either organize our strength in numbers behind a trusted candidate who understands (and has practiced) their role as organizer-in-chief or no progress, not even UBI, will be accomplished and every problem we face today will continue to get much much worse.

  • Missy Barbour 6 months ago

    It’s been a long time since we’ve had someone this genuine as a frontrunner

  • Bebong Bro 6 months ago

    TRUMP 2020!

    Like to support!

  • Nurul Tea 6 months ago

    @Visa #Visabrand AP

  • TheZeitergeist3 6 months ago

    love her

  • MrManifolder 6 months ago

    Bernie Sanders has a record of consistency, organizing, and fighting that earns trust. It will take more than words and ideas alone to beat Trump. We need someone believable. #Bernie2020

  • err0r0b0 6 months ago

    _Rachel Dolezal_ *>* _Elizabeth Warren_

  • IamScythed 6 months ago

    Cringeposting 101

  • Harrison Bond 6 months ago

    Fuck this lady


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