Elizabeth Olsen Has No Idea If She’s Returning to Marvel (Extended) | The Tonight Show

Published on June 29, 2022

Elizabeth Olsen talks about the massive success of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, not knowing if she’s going to return to Marvel and her children’s book, Hattie Harmony: Worry Detective.

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  • THE AVENGERS 9 months ago

    Gorgeous as always love Wanda and witch

  • drkilogy 9 months ago

    Elizabeth is one of the most wholesome actresses, she is so underrated. This woman is so adorable and making this book for children is something so smart and unique. I really love the idea of the book Robbie and Lizzie did.

  • Bryan Aragon 9 months ago

    Lizzie is so talented, charismatic and charming. I literally love her performance for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness movie, she nailed all those emotions that Wanda Maximoff now as the Scarlet Witch, had since the Wandavision series streamed last year. It’s so amazing, to see how much she and her character had evolved since her first appearance on the phase 2 of the MCU. Personally I think, that she could possibly return in future MCU projects. Mainly for a Scarlet Witch solo movie, as there is now a possibility thanks to Dr. Strange and America Chavez’s multiverse-travel, there now exists another Wanda in the universe 838 that was possessed by the Wanda from the 616 universe. It’s possible that, if Elizabeth were to return, it would be as this Wanda from the universe 838, who has her sons Billy and Tommy, but also killed the Illuminati under 616’s Wanda’s control and she could be seeking to rectify her life after it was turned upside down.

  • Phantomized zie 9 months ago

    Her solo movie will definitely be based on Wanda’s recovery story, her gaining her sense of humility and humanity back

  • Micah 9 months ago

    She’s such a wonderful person.

  • Omar Fig Films 9 months ago

    She should be hired for future Dune films. She reminds me of Darwi Odrade and Hwi Noree.

  • Capri 9 months ago

    Jimmy is the most energetic person alive 🤣

  • Mathew McFool 9 months ago

    What movie was she in before the Avengers?

  • Lowkey Akari 9 months ago

    Don’t worry lizzie we are going to get you back to work soon and if not then i guess ill just be done with marvel☺️🤷🏽‍♂️ and ill find sam raimi for even directing her death.

  • Mark Alvarado 9 months ago

    she def come back for her origin movie

  • 劉天麟 Gary Lau 9 months ago

    Tsk..Tsk…Tsk, Jimmy. Recording from VHS to VHS never works due to copy protection. You coulda recorded from laserdisc to VHS. 🤦

  • knappieboy 9 months ago

    That is kinda odd that they dont talk about future projects with their actors even if theyre not green lit

  • Caves and raves 9 months ago

    How about her character actually died and is sent to hell and she must fight mephisto maybe with the help of ghost rider to get another chance at life

  • Rishav Raj 9 months ago


  • Dwight Norton 9 months ago

    Great Video

  • Sparkle Bat 9 months ago

    Seriously though, who told her that dress was a good idea? It looks like the bag her actual dress came in and she put it on by mistake

  • bryan porinski 9 months ago

    Shut up Jimmy. Let your guest talk

  • Ryan Kuykendall 9 months ago


  • lerya scandy 9 months ago


  • Sundorei 9 months ago

    how is this extended? we need like 1hr videos jimmy!


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