Election Officials Who Stuck Their Neck Out To Uphold Democracy Are At Risk – Rep. Schiff

Published on June 9, 2022

Rep. Adam Schiff praises the principled election officials around the country, including a lot of Republicans, who refused to go along with The Big Lie and have faced dangerous backlash as a result. Stick around for more with Rep. Adam Schiff. #Colbert #AdamSchiff #RepAdamSchiff

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  • jeana lawson 1 year ago

    There’s going to come a day, now that some Americans don’t agree with the peaceful transfer of power, that no one will want to concede and that will be the end of democracy.
    So to avoid that situation, we need to abolish the Electoral College. There’s no reason why America can’t have a majority vote. It works in other countries allot more populated than America!
    The EC is just a way for the GOP to cheat. It’s been that way since Gore/Bush. The GOP learned their lesson with that one. Learned that they could just push the country and the Dem into accepting what they, the GOP, wanted.

  • stiggy 1 year ago

    The UK votes to potentially oust Boris because he partied during COVID. Here in the US Trump asks Georgia to find 11k votes and we’re contemplating making him a candidate again. My brain is fried.

  • Fredric Clack 1 year ago

    Weren’t WE Witnesses Also?!

  • sanjuansteve 1 year ago

    It’s still hard to believe that one of the insurrectionists got trampled to death by people fighting for a white supremacist, fascist, Christian dictatorship while carrying a ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ flag… lol

    Every American Republican and/or Drumpf supporter is inescapably a traitor and a radical bigot, fighting for a white supremacist, fascist, Christian dictatorship / civil war, just like the slavery-defending Confederates they literally idolize.

    #BuildBridgesNotWalls #DeportMeToo #BanMeToo #SomosUno #RepublicansAreNazis #EqualityMovement #EmpathyRevolution #BanAllInsurrectionists

  • Victor Vasquez 1 year ago

    the wall is really to keep US in .

  • oldsesalt 1 year ago

    The J6 rioters should have been hit with flash grenades , tear gas and stun guns. Those that persevered and crossed the door into the building should have been clubbed.

  • Lisa Cunningham 1 year ago

    Trump’s goal was to cause enough chais of Jan. 6 to impose Martial Law, ignore the election, become a dictator. In Russia, votes are overturned, candidates are jailed, and even poisoned. That’s where we’re headed if Republicans prevail.

  • wpl 1 year ago

    The false idol the GOP has built for themselves is cheap and tawdry. I guess that is just their taste.

  • B G 1 year ago

    The Republican party is an extremist and white nationalist party.

    There is nothing conservative about the current Republican party.

  • Randee Hughes 1 year ago

    Right on!

  • wking 1 year ago

    Put these in one god damn video

  • dan elliott 1 year ago

    We’re Screwed. Maybe we’ll meet again some sunny day.

  • Space Man #1 1 year ago

    The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth . Is being held back . The Problem for years . Adam Shifty Shift need I say more .

  • Commenter 1 year ago

    The fact that fox is not showing the hearings tells you all you need to know, the reich wing is going to deny, deflect, and lie.

  • Rob Van Gessel 1 year ago

    Latest off the newsfeed. After 20 years of American civilians being open targets, Mitch McConnell demands security for crony Supreme Court Justices who helped make the landscape what it is. Not that the measures shouldn’t be taken, of course, but let’s see if McConnell understands now how we feel out here. Offer a deal: House Dems give security to the crooks on the Supreme Court, and Republicans in Congress back massive gun regulation to protect the public. Not just the “back doors of schools”. THE PUBLIC.

  • Koco 1 year ago

    It would be so great if these interviews could be posted in order for once.

  • Hy Seize 1 year ago

    No matter how compelling these kinds of reports and the upcoming public hearings are, they will change very few minds. That’s the nature of a brainwashed cult & the brainwashing process. If the Dems would just grow a spine & use the bold action they claim is necessary to protect democracy, here’s what needs to be done:
    1) The overwhelming majority of the Majority Party in Congress (there will always be a couple of gullible or greedy holdouts) must certify that the GOP is now a Domestic Terrorist Organization bent on destroying democracy & worthy of immediate expulsion from American politics, elections & governing.
    2) The Executive Branch must confirm this is true & issue an Executive Order immediately barring the “participation” of anything GOP.
    3) If any case immediately comes up before the SCOTUS, Justice Thomas & the 3 Justices seated by the 45th must recuse themselves.
    4) The first bill passed by what remains of Congress should be HR1, followed by an original Build Back Better Bill.
    The GOP has polluted & poisoned civil discourse. They’ve politicized & polarized EVERYTHING they can.
    Sane Americans are certain of GOP high crimes – an attempted coup resulting in an insurrection – both acts of sedition. And treason – for the 3rd time (that we know of) the “leader” of this DTO & brainwashed cult has solicited foreign intervention in American politics & elections.
    That Dems are choosing appeasement over the expulsion of GOP per 14th Amendment, Section 3 AND Federal Codes 18 U.S. Codes 2381 (Treason) & 2383 (Rebellion & Insurrection) – “not qualified to hold public office” because of support of insurrectionists” continues the danger to American democracy. If the DOJ doesn’t have enough evidence to make an airtight prosecutable case on SOMETHING by now, they are incompetent public servants or obstructionists. And it plays into the narrative that “Dems are soft on crime”.
    Of course, the facts are much different after 5 years of crimes of the highest order including treason, sedition, insurrection, violation of sworn oaths & several Constitutional Laws, International Laws & Human Rights Laws. Almost every member of that revolving-door-Cabinet in that totally corrupt “Administration” committed ethics violations. And (99%) of the Congressmembers were complicit & culpable because they denied it occurred & refused to hear testimony at BOTH IMPEACHMENTS. The GOP has devolved into a criminal organization, brainwashed cult & DTO worthy of expulsion ASAP – certainly before the November elections.

  • Baribrotzer 1 year ago

    Not “make it really hard for people to vote”, so much as make it really hard for the “wrong people” to vote – the “wrong people” being Urban Elites, Those People, and Those Other People.

  • Ray Vincente 1 year ago

    His first question was the same as mine! People need to know what it means if we lose our democracy


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